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A feature-packed multi-tabling tool designed to enhance your online poker playing experience

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Unlimited Hotkeys

Improve Focus

Use hotkeys for common actions like folding or moving tables. Save time for decisions that matter the most.

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Custom Grids

Explore Layouts

Find the layout that works best for you. Stack tables, stack and tile, or leave in a perfect grid.

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Table Overlays

Enhance Your Experience

Add custom table overlays such as bet buttons, a random number generator, stack counter and more.

Overlays Guide
Poker Table Player Positions, Pot Odds, Effective Stack overlay Poker Action History overlay Poker Bet buttons overlay poker

*Certainly overlays such as Action History, Positions, and Pot Odds are only available for Ignition/Bodog/Bovada, 888/WSOP, Chico, and Winamax.

Game Controller

Play Comfortably

Enjoy a full poker session without the need for a keyboard or mouse. Customize each button on the controller to fit your needs.

Controller Guide
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Apps and Emulators

Boost Productivity

Playing poker on apps can be hard. To make it easier, we offer features such as hotkeys, emulator slots, auto-table switching, and more.

Emulators Guide
PPPoker uPoker PokerBros XPoker Suprema Pokerrr2 KKPoker Poker2u HeroPoker
PPPoker, PokerBros, uPoker, XPoker, SupremaPoker Hotkeys PokerBros Table PokerBros Table PokerBros Table PokerBros border

Supported Sites

Get Organized

Playing across all of your favorite poker sites at once has never been easier.

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I have nothing but positive things to say about this software. But I don't say it bc it works so well I'm too busy grinding

Hey guys, love love love the program so far. I've been using hotkey apps for over a decade starting with tableninja version 1 and I can say this is the best I've ever used.


Used it for a few months now, works great. And fantastic user interface as well. It literaly is super intuitive!

i recently switched over from the other table mang software - and im so glad i did - love everything about this

amazing program so far man and your timing for getting back is absolutely amazing

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