Update Available!

New Features

  • Convert Chips to BB Ignition, Bodog, Bovada
  • Chips to BB is now available!

    This update will allow you to convert your chips to big blinds at your Ignition, Bodog, Bovada tables. Make sure to follow the Ignition Setup Guide after updating.

  • Additional Ignition/Bodog/Bovada features added:

    • Font Enlargement
    • Action History, Player Positions, SPR, Pot Odds, and Effective Stack overlays
    • Auto top-up after clicking with the mouse
    • Ability to remove the table's titlebar
    • Improved speed for Set Bet Size hotkeys
  • Note: These new Ignition/Bodog/Bovada features may have already been in your version of IntuitiveTables however now they are officially no longer in beta.

New Overlays

  • Action History, Positions, Pot Odds Overlays
  • 1

    Action History

    See the history of actions and sizings each player used throughout the hand. All action texts can be modified and color coded in the "Customize" area.

  • 2


    Pot Odds, Stack to Pot Ratio, and Effective Stack are now available!

  • 3

    Player Positions

    See the positions of each player on the table. All position texts can be modified and color coded in the "Customize" area.

  • Note: The advanced overlays are only available for Ignition/Bodog/Bovada. We plan to eventually add more sites for these overlays, but they won't be available for quite some time.

Overlays Changes

  • Basic Overlays Tab
  • 1

    Custom Bet Box Overlay (New)

    Use our new custom bet box to type in the percent bet size you want postflop. This is also helpful on Ignition/Bodog/Bovada with BB conversion enabled so you can type in BB amounts into this bet box. Auto-focus options are available.

  • 2

    Bet Buttons Overlay (Updated)

    You now can add an unlimited amount of bet buttons, have specific buttons auto-bet, displaying only numbers on the buttons, and even show a different amount of buttons preflop compared to postflop.

  • Other overlay changes:

    • Added "Reset Position" option for each Site and Overlay.
    • Added "Lock Position" option to prevent an overlay from being moved.
    • Stack count overlay now appears on Overflow slot tables.

Session Stats

  • New Session Stats Tab
  • Session Stats redesigned

    • New Session Stats tab found in Settings.
    • Fully resizable and scalable.
    • All stats can now be toggled on and off.
    • New Session timer auto-start and auto-pause options added.
    • Auto-hide options available when no tables are detected.
    • WatchGrid, Waiting, Total tables, Notifications, and Hands played counts added.

    Note: Hands played count is only an estimate. This will track any time cards are dealt to the bottom middle seat on any table (including observed tables). To improve accuracy, enable "Count on Playgrid only" and move observed tables off the Playgrid.

Waiting Slot

  • Waiting Slot Tab
  • New Slot type

    The Waiting slot is designed to hold tables until they first become urgent. This can help keep your PlayGrid clear of any tables that are waiting to start. Once urgent, the table will automatically be moved to the PlayGrid.

  • 1

    Configure Waiting Slot

    Configure the size and position of the Waiting slot here. You may set rules to exclude specific tables from the Waiting Slot. Once configured, set "New Table Location" to "Waiting Slot" in the main tab to begin using this slot.

    Note: Since they cannot be stacked, Ignition and Global Poker tables will not be able to enter the Waiting Slot unless you use the option "Use Watchgrid as Waiting slots."

  • 2

    Move when urgent Location

    Once the Waiting table becomes urgent for the first time, it will automatically be moved to this configured location. The default is the "PlayGrid" however you can set this to "Custom" and use your custom new table location filters instead.

  • Use WatchGrid as Waiting slots

    Alternatively, you could convert your WatchGrid into a WaitGrid. Now all tables that enter the WatchGrid after this option is enabled will become Waiting tables.

Bet Rounding

  • Bet Size Rounding
  • Custom Bet Size Rounding

    Use this option to round your bets to the nearest fraction of a BB. For example, say you bet 1.45 BB into a 5 BB pot with a Set Bet Size hotkey, this will round to 1.5 BB. 1.74 BB rounds to 1.5 BB and 1.76 BB would round to 2 BB.

    Note: This only applies to Set Bet Size hotkeys and Custom Bet Button and Bet Box overlays in % Pot mode.

New Hotkeys

  • Table Hotkeys
  • Move Table Using Filters

    This hotkey will move the target table to its slot based on your custom new table location filters. If you rely on custom filters, this may be a good way to move tables into their dedicated slots.

  • Center Hero Seat

    Available for Chico (BetOnline/TigerGaming/SportsBetting) only. If you need this option for a different site please contact support to request it.

  • Close replayers with Close Table hotkey

    The Close Table hotkey will not work on all replayers as well with this option enabled.

IntuitiveTables Logo

IntuitiveTables Changes

  • New Sound Options

    • Added option to prevent sounds from playing for a specific site.
    • Added option to ignore sounds on specific grids.
    Sound Options
  • Minor Changes

    • Send to Slot hotkey now swaps slots if both tables are in a grid and the slot is taken.
    • Cycle Stacked Tables hotkey now works on overflow tables.
    • Tray notifications fixed/updated for pausing IntuitiveTables, pausing all hotkeys, or launching a site with the lobby hotkey.
    • Added Ignore PlayGrid/WatchGrid to Sort Tables hotkey.
Ignition Poker

Ignition Changes

Ignition Poker
  • Enable Convert Chips to big blinds here. Show without "BB" text and decimal place options added.
  • Auto Top-Up support has been added when using the mouse to click bet buttons.
  • Note: In Zone you will still need to use the Fold hotkey to auto top-up.

  • Font enlargement support added.
  • Auto-Timebank no longer steals bet box focus.
  • Option added to remove the table's titlebar.
  • Set Bet Size hotkeys are now faster and use the correct sizing formula.

PokerStars Changes

  • Added pop-up handling support for new Stars popups.
  • Addressed an issue with % Pot hotkeys sometimes betting slightly too big.
  • Added support for new Mercury_Aurora bet buttons on newest Stars versions.
  • Fixed issue with Mercury_Aurora urgency detection when table background is red (like on certain Spin & Go's or special MTTs).
  • Fixed occasional sitting out detection triggered in zone during pre-fold.
Chico Poker

Chico Changes

  • Improved table recognition reliability and performance.
  • Fixed Register SNG/MTT hotkey for Sportsbetting.
  • Updated table placement/grid building based on the new Chico table sizes.

GGPoker Changes

  • AoF (All-In or Fold) support added.
  • Table recognition updated to fix certain lobbies detected as tables.
  • Re-Enter Spin and Go hotkey updates correct "played" value now on Session Stats.
  • Straddle buttons no longer set off sitting out detection.
  • Fixed bug where hotkeys could fire on Spin/Straddle dialogs.

iPoker Changes

  • Table detection improved.
  • Support added for All-In hotkey when facing an all-in.
  • Fixed table urgency on certain skins when fold button is missing.
  • Fold hotkey pre-action should work for all iPoker versions now.

Winamax Changes

  • Support added for Sit out Next BB hotkeys.
  • Small improvements/bug fixes made to All-In hotkey.
  • Fixed issue with re-entered expresso/nitro tables losing their slot.
  • Notification detection/Re-Enter hotkey improved for all notifications.
  • Replayer detection/move to replayer slot fixed.
888Poker WSOP

888/WSOP Changes

  • 888/WSOPPA: Improved all Sit Out hotkeys to fix lag that occurs for some users.
  • 888/WSOPPA: Fixed bug with Set Bet Size hotkeys when text was highlighted on 4k monitors.
  • WSOPNJ/NV: Fixed Pre-Action/Sitting out detection at smallest table sizes.

PartyPoker Changes

  • Improved table detection reliability.
  • Added support for Optibet.
  • Hotkey fixes for certain Party clients (such as PMU or Ontario).
  • Vistabet support added.

SwCPoker Changes

  • All-In hotkey can now Raise all-in when facing all-in.
  • Fixed bet size rounding for hotkeys and bet buttons in bb mode.

PPPoker Changes

  • Hotkeys and table urgency support added for "Pink" higher stakes tables.

CoinPoker Changes

  • Table detection fixed since recent update.
  • Added Fold = Check popup handling when table data doesn't load properly.

Revolution Changes

  • Bet Size hotkey support added for their Chips -> BB feature.

ClubGG Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused table graphics to glitch if a table is moved too quickly after loading.

WPTGlobal Changes

  • Added full support for WPTGlobal.

X-Poker Changes

  • Added full support for X-Poker.
  • Supports the X-Poker application only. LDPlayer support is not possible at this time.
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues around starting minimized, getting updates, and clicking IntuitiveTables.
  • Improvements/Fixes to "Allow hotkeys when mouse is over HUD" for all sites and supported HUDs.
  • SNGs will now be correctly filtered as "Tournament" in format options for table filters.
  • IntuitiveTables Hotkey now minimizes to tray/restores from tray if minimize to tray at start-up is used.
  • Unibet pop-out tournament lobbies no longer mistaken as tables.