Report Hand Guide

Report Hand
  • Have an issue with IntuitiveTables?

    Learn how to use the Report Hand overlay to help support fix your issue as quickly as possible.

  • Enable Report Hand overlay

    Enable Report Hand overlay

    Head to Overlays -> Advanced Overlays and enable "Report Hand".

  • Report the Hand

    Report the Hand

    At the exact moment of the problem click on the Report Hand overlay, type a short description, and press "Submit". A folder will appear with two screenshots and a data file.

  • Send to Support

    Send files to Support

    Inside Discord open up a private message with IntuitiveTablesSupport and drag and drop the three files into the chat. You can now go back inside IntuitiveTables and disable the Report Hand overlay.


How do I join the discord server?

To join the IntuitiveTables discord you can click here.

I don't have a discord. Can I send another way?

You can send an email with the report hand files to

Note: Have any questions regarding the Report Hand guide? Ask in Discord or contact

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