Chips to BB Guide

Convert Chips to big blinds on Ignition, Bodog, Bovada
  • Convert chips to blinds on Ignition, Bodog, Bovada

    See your stacks in big blinds instead of chips or dollars. This will help you know how many big blinds you have in a tournament or cash game table regardless of the blinds level.

  • Note: Ignition has introduced their chips to big blinds feature, however we recommend using IntuitiveTables chips to blinds instead to ensure our overlays and hotkeys will function properly.

    We also allow toggling between chips and blinds by clicking on the hero's stack or via hotkey, the ability to remove "BB" text from stacks and bets, and control over the amount of decimals visible.

  • Enable IntuitiveTables chips to big blinds

    Convert chips to big blinds Ignition Bodog Bovada
    • Enable convert chips to big blinds to see your stack in blinds on Ignition, Bodog, Bovada.
    • Here you can also choose to remove the "BB" text from stacks and bets.
    • Choose amount of decimals to be visible in stacks and bets.
  • Disable Ignition chips to big blinds

    Disable Ignition chips to bb
    • Make sure "Stack values displayed as big blinds" is disabled otherwise hotkeys, action history, pot odds/spr/effective stack will not work properly.
  • Toggle converted state

    Toggle chips to big blind hotkey
    • A hotkey can be set to toggle between chips and big blinds located in the Table Hotkeys tab.
    • Alternatively, you can click on hero's chip stack at any time to toggle between chips and blinds.

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