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  • Pay with bitcoin (BTC)

    Bitcoin is now accepted for purchasing either a single month or a single year of IntuitiveTables. This option may be useful if other payment methods are not possible for you, or if you prefer bitcoin payments. Follow this guide to learn step-by-step how to purchase IntuitiveTables using bitcoin (BTC) as your payment method.

  • An update to the newest beta is required for bitcoin support.

    Update to IntuitiveTables v2.1.0.8 (or higher) by going to Update -> Version Manager inside IntuitiveTables or downloading it manually from IntuitiveTables Versions.


I haven't received my order email.

Check your bitcoin wallet for confirmation on the payment. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour after payment has been sent. Occasionally bitcoin confirmations can take up to 48 hours. If your wallet allows it, you may be able to use the Replace-by Fee (RBF) Protocol to resend the bitcoin transaction with a higher fee to speed up confirmation.

Note: If your bitcoin payment has been confirmed on your digital wallet but you still haven't received an order email, please contact or Ask in Discord with a screenshot of the order confirmation.

I accidentally paid too much.

If you overpaid your bitcoin order, OpenNode should help you request a refund. Otherwise contact support with a screenshot of the payment confirmation and send us a valid bitcoin address to issue the refund.

I accidentally underpaid the amount.

You will see an error message on OpenNode during checkout if an underpayment has occurred. You should be able to pay the difference (plus additional fees). Once the full payment amount is confirmed, you will receive your order details.

Can I extend my current order before it ends?
Extend IntuitiveTables

Once you are within 48 hours until the end of the payment period for yearly orders, or 24 hours for monthly orders, you can click "Manage Subscription" inside IntuitiveTables. This will bring you to the payment checkout page and include your existing Order ID. Once the payment is confirmed, your current license will be extended without the need to order a new license key. This only applies to existing bitcoin orders.

Note: Extending the license before the full payment term concludes will not carry over the remaining days to the next order period.

Can I switch from a month to a year?

Yes! Simply wait for your monthly order to expire and then order a yearly order the same way. You may need to remove the Order ID at checkout if you are coming directly from the IntuitiveTables application.

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