Beta Versions

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.6.3(BETA)

    - GGPoker fixed table positioning and hotkeys. Please provide feedback if anything is still not working properly.

    - Chico Fixed COPS series lobbies acting as tables.

    - Game Controller fixed bug where first time enabling "Switch Table Focus" didn't allow up/down movement.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.6.1(BETA)

    - Added new option "Trigger hotkeys after release of key" to Betting Hotkeys Settings.

    - Ignition added "Hide Minigames" to mute side bar notification.

    - CoinPoker Fold = Check when possible support added

    - CoinPoker Set Bet Size hotkey speed and reliability improved.

    - Pacific lobby hotkey now only toggles WSOPNJ if both WSOPNJ and 888NJ are open at the same time.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.5.9(BETA)

    - NEW FEATURE: Configure Set Bet Size hotkey by street (Betting Hotkeys Tab).

    - NEW OPTION: Choose which Site to build the grids based on (Poker Sites tab).

    - NEW OPTION: Override the table minimum size when building a grid (Poker Sites tab).

    - NEW OPTION: DPI Adjustment for Stars, Chico, iPoker, Winamax, and Party.

         - Allow your lobbies to be full size again.

         - Make sure Override high DPI scaling behavior is DISABLED now for each site.

         - Works on Windows 10 only.

    - Height Offset has been modified to work in all situations (instead of just PartyPoker).

    - Table Miniumums have been optimized especially for Windows Zooming.

    - Fixed table borders being slightly off with Windows Zoom enabled.

    - WPN Register SNG/MTT hotkey fixed in certain situations.

    - WSOPPA/888 Register from lobby hotkey fixed with Windows Zoom enabled.

    - WSOPPA/888 Table placement optimized with Windows Zoom enabled.

    - WSOP/888 Fixed table detection issue with "Tournament" in the title.

    - GGPoker fixed "Show cards" at end of hand making table incorrectly urgent.

    - Global Poker fixes for Firefox with Windows zooming enabled and Windows 7.

    - Revolution fixed table urgency with Windows Zoom enabled.

    - Ignition fixed open tournament lobby hotkey with Windows Zoom enabled.

    - Fixed a few bugs around New Table Filters and total slots to choose from.

    - Fixed a bug that caused a blank template to save when restoring default templates.

    - Improved titlebar detection with Windows Zoom enabled.

    - Improved diagnostics with with Windows Zoom enabled.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.5.8(BETA)

    - 888/WSOPPA Improved popup handling and Register SNG/MTT hotkey.

    - 888/WSOPPA Fold/Raise hotkeys now work better when button is hovered.

    - 888/WSOPPA Fold hotkey wont hit fold and watch now.

    - 888/WSOPPA fixed Set bet size hotkey with auto-bet = "True".

    - Ignition Close Lobby after Register delay now configurable (and won't apply to unregistering).

    - Removed UIA error popup messages completely (they will only show in logs now).

    - RNG Font size and style has been improved. Font size can now be increased in RNG Settings.

    - Fixed RNG bug if a long duration was set and you hit the RNG multiple times.

    - All notification tooltips on the Interface have been improved for readability.

  • Note: The full changelog since IntuitiveTables v2.0.5 can be found here.

Official Versions