Beta Versions

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.8(BETA)

    - CoinPoker Set Bet Size/Bet buttons fixed since CoinPoker update.

    - Betting Hotkeys Configure Sites Lists now only show the sites that are enabled.

    - Fixed bug sending new emulator sites to overflow.

    - PokerBros now works with LDMultiPlayer

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.7(BETA)

    - NEW SITES ADDED (BETA): PPPoker, uPoker, PokerBros, ClubGG.

             - To use these sites, you will have to enable them in the Poker Sites tab

             - For hotkeys, enable these sites in the "Configure Sites" area for each action in Betting Hotkeys tab.

    - Custom Grid tool now accepts a "Build Slot based on" Site.

             - Build custom Emulator slots for the newly supported emulators!

    - Emulator Sites (PPPoker, uPoker, PokerBros) can fit to slit based on Width (default) or height.

             - Configure in the Site Setup tab for each site in the "Fit to Slot" area.

    - Added "Auto-Close 5-Minute break notice" for WPN.

             - Note: This may steal focus from the current table. Use at your own risk.

    - Help hover icons wont be triggered if IntuitiveTables is paused.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.6(BETA)

    - Several improvements made to Table Previews:

            - "Hide titlebar" on table previews added.

            - Ability to change the sizing increment for improved resizing of table previews.

            - "Refresh all Table Previews" hotkey added in case a preview stops updating.

            - Highlight preview color and thickness now available for last acted upon table.

            - Toggling on and off table previews won't reset saved position.

            - "Reset Preview Positions" button added in case previews get lost off screen.

    - Fixed bug with Inactive tables not updating on Session Stats properly in certain situations.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.5(BETA)

    - Custom RNG coloring based on the number generated is now available in the customize overlays window!

    - Added option "Use RNG Overlay styles" for the default RNG table hotkey.

             - This applies to Chico/Global/Custom tables where RNG is not supported.

    - Stars added support for "Re Enter Spin and Go" table hotkey.

             - Use this hotkey on a PokerStars Spin & Go table to register a similar table.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.4(BETA)

    - iPoker Sitting out Detection fixed for false positives during pre-action.

    - PartyPoker PMU.exe process added (French/Spanish skin).

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.3(BETA)

    - WPN Set Bet Size/Mouse wheel fixed from recent WPN update.

    - WPN improved reliability of replayer getting detected.

    - Ignition Auto-Top up improved when calling/betting/raising river.

             - IntuitiveTables will now wait for the $ to enter the pot before checking stack.

    - Fixed issue with selecting Settings/Site Setup tab if already selected.

    - Some improvements made to beta version popup.

    - Version manager added to Pause IntuitiveTables window.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.2(BETA)

    - WPN added Sitting Out detection when "Rejoin" button appears after a disconnect.

    - Send to Grid and Anchor hotkey now works in all modes (Grid Mode/Stack and Tile Mode/Single Stack mode).

    - Ignition fixed table urgency when facing all-in and Fold and Show is enabled.

    - WPN register sng/mtt hotkey from lobby timeout increased to help reliability.

    - Site Setup tab now only shows the sites that are enabled in the Poker Sites tab.

    - GGPoker added advanced setting to change click method on table. Contact support if you have any GGPoker buttons "stuck" after using hotkeys.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.1(BETA)

    - Ignition addressed an issue with custom overlay buttons showing preflop sizes instead of postflop sizes when we are first to act on flop.

    - Anchor Table to Grid hotkey can now be used in Grid Mode (with stacking off) to prevent a table from being sorted or moved due to auto-replace.

    - Ignore hotkey will now properly remove the Anchored state if table is anchored.

    - Added default game controller settings for when game controller is first enabled.

    - CoinPoker fixed notification detection for dialogs with more than one button.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.24(BETA)

    - Added urgent table cycling option "Only cycle to next table when focus remains on last acted upon urgent table"

            - By default cycling only occurs if focus remains on the last acted upon urgent table.

            - Disable this option if you want table cycling to occur even if focus is manually changed.

    - Ignition improved Fold button detection.

    - Ignition added support for "Fold and Show". This is no longer mandatory to disable.

    - WPN fixed pre-action call detection which will improve sitting out detection on specific table backgrounds.

    - Borders/Sounds tab merged back into Settings Tab.

    - All tabs now have the updated look.

    - Fixed a few small issues around clicking main menu tabs (especially at higher dpi).

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.23(BETA)

    - Visual improvements made to several tabs.

    - Global Poker table detection from lobby fixed (broken in

    - Ignition improved reliability of auto-bet = true in Set Bet Size hotkeys.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.22(BETA)

    - Fixed RNG/Overlay text width on high dpi setups.

    - CoinPoker fixed bug with clicking overlay bet buttons on inactive table.

    - CoinPoker all hotkeys now will make sure the table is active first.

    - CoinPoker fixed flop detection for first two deck options.

    - CoinPoker added pop-up handing to Site Setup tab.

            - "Auto-Accept table close warning"

            - "Auto-accept single button pop-ups" (BETA)

    - WPN adjusted sitting out detection slightly more to prevent issues on WPN table background #1.

    - Table switching reliablilty improved for urgent table cycling with "Activate Table" option.

    - Removed unneeded interactions with unchecked poker sites.

    - Hotkey Settings tab renamed to Hotkey Target and improved visually.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.21(BETA)

    - Site Options tab redesigned and now named "Site Setup".

             - Added Option to disable push to front for each site individually.

    - Popup Handling no longer occurs if the site is unchecked in the Poker Sites tab.

    - Fixed some bugs around auto-replace and clearing slots.

    - WPN PLO All-In hotkey bug addressed that sometimes leaves a few cents behind after all-in hotkey.

    - WPN sitting out detection improved further on certain backgrounds.

    - CoinPoker Cards/Flop/Turn/River detection reliability improved for all available decks.

             - If using Stack & Tile or Set Bet Size by Street hotkeys certain skins are not supported.

             - Please review the site setup guide again.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.20(BETA)

    - CoinPoker end of hand timing fixed including Run it Twice boards.

    - CoinPoker Notification detection added.

    - Winamax fixed the border when a table is moved.

            - If you used the previous fix of setting compatibility mode to Win7 this needs to be reversed.

    - Winamax "Kontakte" window not treated as a lobby when the language is German.

    - Ignition "Open Tournament Lobby" hotkey fixed.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.19(BETA)

    - Added Option - "Ignored Tables cannot enter slots" to Table Hotkey Settings.

            - Disable this to use the "Ignore Table" hotkey to prevent urgent cycling to this table.

            - It will remain in it's slot but show the "Ignored" icon.

            - All other features (overlays, borders, hotkeys) will still function.

    - Global Sitting-Out detection fixed for when Notes window is clicked during hero's action.

    - CoinPoker added "Table not loaded properly" warning.

    - CoinPoker added support for Set Bet Size/Mouse wheel when table didn't load properly.

    - Removed Unlock/Unlock All buttons from main interface.

    - PartyPoker BetMGM Ontario support added.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.18(BETA)

    - New Table Hotkeys - Focus Next/Previous Slot.

             - These can be used for simple table switching between slots with wrap-around.

    - New Hotkey Setting - Allow hotkeys when mouse is over external HUD.

             - Only applies to Hotkey Target: Table Under Mouse.

             - HUDs supported PT4, HEM2, HEM3, H2N, DriveHud2.

             - Contact support if you want this feature and the HUD is not listed.

    - WPN improved sitting out detection on certain table backgrounds.

    - PartyPoker Close After SNG/MTT fixed and delay removed until more testing can be done.

    - CoinPoker fixed bug with tables going back to stack when using the mouse.

    - CoinPoker fixed custom Bet Buttons overlay showing up when bet box was not present.

    - CoinPoker added Set Bet Size and Mouse Wheel support for when Chips are converted to BB inside CoinPoker client.

    - CoinPoker All-In hotkey can call All-In now.

    - CoinPoker added all-in and set bet size hotkey support for Omaha.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.17(BETA)

    - Ignition/WPN Call hotkey can now call All-In.

    - Stars addressed an issue that caused overlay bet buttons to not show sometimes.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.16(BETA)

    - WSOP.MI support added. Choose the WSOPPA skin in Site Options under 888/WSOP settings.

    - WPN Register SNG/MTT fixed and now works if lobby is resized taller as well.

    - PartyPoker Auto-Close SNG/MTT delay changed from 4s to 5s to try to help close tables quietly.

    - Additional logging added to hotkeys.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.15(BETA)

    - Ignition Auto-Top will occur after fold hotkey on pre-action now.

    - Ignition Top-Up hotkey now checks stack also.

    - All Overlays can be turned off/on for a specific site now (except Anchor/Ignore).

    - PartyPoker Close after SNG/MTT now waits at least 4 seconds to avoid a popup.

    - PartyPoker Sit in/out hotkey support added for New client.

    - Chico reliablilty of Register SNG/MTT hoktey improved.

    - Logs now get archived in a Log History folder for 3 days then auto-deleted.

    - Stack Hotkey Send all Tables to Stack now can work properly if it's a "Global" hotkey.

    - "Activate table (take focus)" now checks the current table before switching.

             - If the current table does not match the last acted upon table, no switch occurs.

             - Instead, the next table is brought to the top (and not focused).

             - This allows for easier note taking and smoother manual table switching with the mouse.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.14(BETA)

    - Fixed error message at startup relating to the new versions manager.

    - WPN fixed set bet size hotkeys on certain client versions.

  • IntuitiveTables v2.0.7.13(BETA)

    - Ignition fixed error causing many features to not work in and

    - Ignition Auto-Top up relialibilty improved.

             - Top up now happens after checking river in all situations.

             - Happens after raise hotkey on river as well.

    - Added an internal Version Manager to the main menu using Update -> Version Manager.

             - New beta versions will now be automatically detected.

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