Update Available!

New Features

  • Emulator Slots
  • New Sites added!

    • ClubGG ClubGG
    • PPPoker PPPoker
    • uPoker uPoker
    • PokerBros PokerBros
    • SupremaPoker SupremaPoker
    • Unibet Unibet (table placement only)
  • Full Emulator Support

    Sites like PPPoker, PokerBros, uPoker, and SupremaPoker now can fully integrate into IntuitiveTables! Build specific emulator slots that fit nicely into your grid. Table borders, sounds, and table urgency are all supported! To learn more about how to configure your emulators while using IntuitiveTables, check out the Emulators Guide.

Emulator Hotkeys

  • Emulator Hotkeys added

    • All-In hotkeys
    • Fold/Call/Raise hotkeys
    • Bet Slider Button hotkeys
    • Mouse wheel Increase/Decrease Bet hotkeys
    • Numpad keys to type into bet box

Overlays Changes

  • RNG Color Ranges

    • Custom RNG color ranges are now available in customize overlays window!
    • Try starting with the sample values and then make your adjustments from there.
    • Set the background transparency to zero to see only the colored numbers and no background.
  • RNG Hotkey

    For sites that don't allow the RNG overlay directly on the table (like Chico), you can use the Random Number Generator hotkey and select "Use RNG Overlay Styles" which will match the color settings from the RNG overlay.

    Random Number Generator
  • New Fonts

    Don't like the default font for the overlays? New font options have now been added to all overlays with text. Tahoma or Arial may be a good choice if you want a bolder font.

    Random Number Generator

Table Previews Changes

  • New Table Preview Options

    • "Hide titlebar" on table previews added.
    • Highlight preview color and thickness now available for last acted upon table.
    • Ability to change the sizing increment for improved resizing of table previews.
    • "Refresh all Table Previews" hotkey added in case a preview stops updating.
    • "Reset Preview Positions" button added in case previews get lost off screen.
    • "Keep all previews in one stack" option added.
    • "Bring last acted preview to top" added to only preview last acted upon table.
    • "Cycle Windows Under Mouse" added to cycle stacked previews.
    • "Pause Table Preview Cycling" added to watch the end of a hand before preview cycling resumes.
    Table Previews Options

Custom Grid Changes

  • Custom Slots

    Now you can select which site to build each slot based on. For example if you want to add a PPPoker slot, choose "PPPoker" here and the next slot created will be extra tall and follow the PPPoker table dimensions.

    Custom Slot
  • Note: Do not place regular sized tables (like PokerStars or WPN) into emulator slots. Many features will not work properly.

  • Lobby Slots

    Create template-specific lobby slots that will change size and position based on the template you are playing.

    Lobby Slots
IntuitiveTables Logo

IntuitiveTables Changes

  • New Minimize options

    • Minimize to taskbar at startup added.
    • Minimize to tray at startup added.
    Minimize at startup
  • Minor Changes

    • Tables will now be sorted by filters at startup if New Table Location is set to "Custom"
    • Added an "Exclude Sites" option to Table Borders/Notification Detection/Sitting Out Detection.

PokerStars Changes

  • Auto-Close SNG/MTT/Spin added to Site Setup for PokerStars.
  • Added Close After SNG/MTT support for Heads-Up games.
  • Improved popup handling and auto-centering popup if the table is moved due to notification detection.
  • Stars added support for "Re Enter Spin and Go" table hotkey.
  • Various small performance improvements and bug fixes.
Winning Poker Network

WPN Changes

  • Added "Blitz Fold Now button visible makes table urgent" option to Site Setup tab.
  • Added "Auto-Close 5-Minute break notice" for WPN.
  • Various small performance improvements and bug fixes.
Chico Poker

Chico Changes

  • Fixed table urgency/hotkeys/auto-timebank since latest Chico update.
  • Added Option: "Size Chico tables to fit the height of the slot".
  • Added "Auto-Close Windfall Lobby after Register SNG/MTT hotkey".
  • Added PokerDom/PokerMatch support.

GGPoker Changes

  • Mystery Bounty Main Event lobby no longer mistaken as a table.
  • Lobby recognition added to WSOP.ca (GGPoker skin for Ontario).

iPoker Changes

  • Fixed table recognition for certain regions that receieved an update.
  • Fixed bug causing Sunday Slam lobby to be detected as a table.

Winamax Changes

  • New client fully supported and Site Setup fully updated.
  • Custom mouse wheel support added (scroll .25BB for example).
  • Added alternative All-In option "Click Bet Slider Button 8 for All-In hotkey".
Ignition Poker

Ignition Changes

  • Improved auto-top up when Ignition servers are slower.
  • Added "RE-ENTER" support for MTTs using "Re-Enter Spin and Go" hotkey.
  • Auto-Timebank fixed from recent update.
  • Highlight bet after Set Bet Size hotkey improved.

PartyPoker Changes

  • Improved table detection when playing Spin & Go's

ClubGG Changes

  • Mouse wheel fixed at smaller table sizes.

PPPoker Changes

  • Added Increase/Decrease Bet (Mouse Wheel) support.
  • Added "Allow numberpad keys to set the bet size".
  • Full All-In hotkey support added.

PokerBros Changes

  • Added Increase/Decrease Bet (Mouse Wheel) support.
  • Added "Allow numberpad keys to set the bet size".
  • Full All-In hotkey support added.
  • Fixed bug with MTT lobby triggering table urgency.

uPoker Changes

  • Added Increase/Decrease Bet (Mouse Wheel) support.
  • Added "Allow numberpad keys to set the bet size".
  • Full All-In hotkey support added.
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with adding custom Watchgrid tables using the "Custom Grid" button.
  • Fixed bug with Inactive tables not updating on Session Stats properly in certain situations.