Update Available!

New Features

  • Overlays
  • New Overlays!

    Overlays are now out of beta! To position an overlay, simply right click and drag it on the table itself. It will automatically update on each table from that site. Positions are saved individually for each site you play. Attributes like size, color, and opacity can be customized for each overlay.

  • Bet Buttons

    Configure up to 8 custom bet buttons to be display on hero's action. You may configure the size, position for each site, number of rows and buttons, color, and opacity. Available for all sites except GGPoker and Global.

  • Random Number Generator

    A random number can now be displayed directly on the table. By default, a random number will be rolled at the start of your action! Clicking the RNG or using the Random Number Generator table hotkey also generates a new random number. Available for all sites except Chico and Global due to their ToS.

  • Stack Count

    This overlay appears when multiple tables occupy a slot. This can be very useful when stacking to know how many tables occupy each slot.

  • Hide Board When All-In

    Add the "All In and Hide Board" hotkey in Betting Hotkeys to enable this feature. This overlay will be automatically removed at the end of the hand or after a left click on the overlay.

  • Additional Overlays

    Icons are now displayed by default when a table is Anchored or Ignored.

Borders and Sounds

  • New Table Borders
  • New Borders available!

    • Most urgent table
    • Next most urgent table
    • Color shift after urgent for x seconds
    • Sitting Out table
    • Notification table
    • Inactive table
  • New Sounds
  • Additional sound options

    All sounds now have volume controls. A Mute all Sounds option and Master Volume slider has been added. Performance has been improved for all sounds and now several sounds can be played simultaneously. Use the "Play" button to preview a sound. If no custom sound is uploaded, a default "beep" will be used.

  • New Sounds

    • Sat out table detected sound
    • Inactive table detected sound
    • Repeat urgent every x seconds sound
  • Note: Match the repeated urgent sound timing to the "Color shift after urgent" table border to help notify you of tables that have been urgent for the longest.

New Options

  • Table Sorting
  • Stretch table to fill slot exactly

    • Available for PokerStars and the PartyPoker "New" client.
    • PartyPoker and PokerStars tables can be exactly the same height and width now.
    • These tables can also match the height of longer tables such as Chico or 888 if the grid is built based on those sites in the Poker Sites tab.
    • This also allows PartyPoker tables to be sized larger than their max, however resizing above the max can take up to a few seconds.
  • Inactive Table Detection
  • Inactive Table Detection

    • A table is inactive when no bet buttons, flop, or hole cards are detected in the given time frame.
    • "Inactive" count added to Session Stats when enabled.
    • Option to move the inactive table to the overflow.
    • Option to close the inactive table after x amount of seconds after detected.
    • Use the "Cycle Inactive Tables" hotkey to quickly find any inactive tables.
  • Table Sorting
  • Additional Custom New Table Filters!

    Filter by Game Type: Cash or Tournament added. Filter by Buyin Range added. You now may select multiple sites for any filter by holding Ctrl or Shift.

  • Table Sorting
  • New Sort Tables options!

    Sorting by Buy-in level is now available. Not all formats are supported on every site.

  • Sort after Table opens

    When a new table from the lobby enters the grid it will trigger a table sort based on the sorting option selected. The option "Fill Empty Slots" will automatically replace open earlier slots during the sort.

  • Note: This feature is not available with Intuitive Mode or Stack & Tile mode enabled.

New Hotkeys

  • Stack Hotkeys
  • Send Table to Grid (Stack Hotkey)

    The Send Table to Grid hotkey will send any table from a stack into the first open slot in the grid. If you are using preferred slots for that stack, this will fill those slots only. When the grid is full, nothing will happen.

  • Send to Grid and Anchor (Stack Hotkey)

    This is the same as the Send Table to Grid hotkey however it will also anchor the table to the new slot. If the table is already in the grid this hotkey will work the same as the Anchor Table to Grid hotkey

  • Table Hotkeys
  • Focus Next/Previous Slot (Table Hotkey)

    These can be used for simple table switching between slots with wrap-around capabilities.

  • Hotkey Target Tab
  • Allow hotkeys when mouse is over external HUD

    • Allow your hotkeys to still fire even if the mouse is over top of an external HUD.
    • Only applies to Hotkey Target: Table Under Mouse
    • HUDs supported PT4, HEM2, HEM3, H2N, DriveHud2
    • Contact support if you want this feature and the HUD is not listed.

Stack and Tile Changes

  • Preferred Slots
  • New Preferred Slots option

    • Configure which Stacks tile into which slots.
    • This could allow you to set up multiple custom Stack and Tile grids.
    • This may also be used to ignore certain slots when playing Stack & Tile mode.
    • Make sure to use the "Send Table Back to its Original Stack" option if using this configuration.

Urgent Table Cycling

  • Table Cycling
  • Jump mouse to next table

    • Added option to change X and Y coordinates for Jump Mouse to Next Table.
    • Other improvements made such as the mouse won't jump after a drag and drop of a table now.
  • New Cycling Option

    • Added option "Only cycle to next table when focus remains on last acted upon urgent table".
    • This applies to the "Activate Table (take focus)" and "Auto-Jump mouse to urgent table" settings.
    • This allows for easier note taking as well as smoother manual table switching with the mouse.
    • If the next table happens to be deep in a stack in this case, it will be brought to the top (but not focused).
IntuitiveTables Logo

IntuitiveTables Changes

  • Updated Tabs
  • Improved overall look and function

    All tabs have been updated visually and many new help icons added. Settings and Site Setup tabs are now more user friendly and organized while making space for new settings in the future.

  • Version Manager
  • Added an internal Beta Version Manager to Update -> Version Manager

    New beta versions will now be prompted and can be installed inside IntuitiveTables. It should be easier to switch between beta versions now.

  • Push to Front Disable
  • Added Option to disable push to front for each site individually.

    This can be useful if you only play one poker site but still want to use IntuitiveTable's multi-stack feature. This option will allow usage of that site's push to front instead of IntuitiveTables urgent cycling.

  • New Traytip Icons
  • Added Traytip Icons to pausing/resuming all hotkeys.

    This should allow more clarity which state the pause hotkeys are in.

  • Added "Sat Out" to Session Stats.

    Easily see how many tables you are currently sitting out of at all times.

  • Improvements made to Pausing IntuitiveTables interface.

    You can now move/close/minimize IntuitiveTables when paused.

  • Added option to re-order Template names.

    Select and Right click the template you want to move and choose "Move up" or "Move Down".

Ignition Poker

Ignition Changes

  • Note: Due to the recent Ignition update, stacking tables on Ignition/Bodog/Bovada is not currently supported. If you rely on features such as table urgency or auto-timebank you must make sure the table is at least partially visible at all times.

  • Auto Top Up
  • Major improvements to Auto-Top up

    • Choose Stack threshold to top-up and value to top-up to.
    • Table cycling will occur immediately and auto-top up will now happen in the background.
    • Auto-Top up will occur after fold hotkey on pre-action, checking river, and after raise hotkey on river.
    • Auto-Top up will now check your stack before trying to top-up.
  • Note: Stack checking requires preferred seat to be center and sidebar to be closed. Certain table sizes and decks may reduce reliability of this feature. Contact support if you have any issues.

    • Fixed Notification detection on certain felt background colors (orange, magenta, light blue).
    • Call hotkey can now call All-In.
    • Added "Auto-Close exit message on lobby close".
    • Added support for "Fold and Show". This is no longer mandatory to disable.
    • Improved reliability of auto-bet = true in Set Bet Size hotkeys.
Winning Poker Network

WPN Changes

  • Register SNG/MTT fixed and now works if lobby is resized taller as well.
  • Fixed Run It Twice/Play it Safe popups from being detected as urgent.
  • Auto-Close SNG/MTT will ignore "Your request has been interrupted" tables now and not close them.
  • Improved sitting out detection on certain table backgrounds.
  • Call hotkey can now call All-In.
  • Fixed set bet size hotkeys on certain client versions.
  • Improved reliablity of All-In hotkey with auto-bet True.
  • Flop/Turn/River detection improved for dark decks.
  • Pre-Fold fixed for back to back hotkey presses at certain table sizes.
  • Venom Satelite Big Blind detection fixed.
  • Improved Notification detection.
  • PLO All-In hotkey bug addressed that sometimes leaves a few cents behind after all-in hotkey.
888Poker WSOP

888/WSOP Changes

  • WSOP.MI support added. Choose the WSOPPA skin in Site Options under 888/WSOP settings.
  • 888/WSOP fixed cycling when using All-In hotkey when facing All-In.
  • 888/WSOPPA fixed bet slider hotkey bug when two "Max" are found.
  • WSOPNJ/NV check hotkey won't click Check/Fold now.
  • WSOPNJ/NV Sitting Out Detection improved.
  • WSOPNJ/NV Blast SNG lobby no longer treated as table.
  • WSOPNJ/NV All-in detection improved for larger table sizes and when facing all-in.
  • WSOPNJ/NV Bet Slider Button hotkeys now work at all table sizes.
  • WSOPNJ/NV US fixed Welcome Messages not closing due to needing to wait for location verification.
  • WSOPPA Replayer now auto-detected.

PartyPoker Changes

  • Sit in/out hotkey support added for "New" client.
  • Improved reliability of Set Bet Size hotkeys on "New" client.
  • Added option "Keep Player Notes Window on top" for "New" client.
  • PartyPoker USA Sit out/Back in hotkey support added.
  • Replayer hotkey added and now tries to auto-detect when the replayer loads.
  • Notification detection support added.
  • Close timeout option merged with Accept single button dialogs.
  • PartyPoker/BetMGM Ontario support added.

GGPoker Changes

  • GGPoker Big Blind detection improved for non-english clients.
Chico Poker

Chico Changes

  • Fixed Register Tournament hotkey since Chico update.
  • Improved buy-in detection for sorting.
  • Fixed some lobbies mistaken as tables.

PokerStars Changes

  • Stars Bet Slider Button hotkeys fixed for Mercury_Aurora skin.

iPoker Changes

  • iPoker addressed a problem on certain skins with tables not entering grid from lobby.

CoinPoker Changes

  • Cards/Flop/Turn/River detection reliability improved for all available decks.
  • Fixed bug with clicking overlay bet buttons on inactive table
  • All hotkeys now will make sure the table is active first.
  • Added pop-up handing to Site Setup tab.
  • End of hand timing fixed.
  • Notification detection added.
  • Added "Table not loaded properly" warning.
  • Added support for Set Bet Size/Mouse wheel when table data didn't load properly.
  • Added Set Bet Size and Mouse Wheel support for when Chips are converted to BB inside CoinPoker client.
  • Fixed bug with tables going back to stack in Stack and Tile mode when using the mouse.
  • Added all-in and set bet size hotkey support for Omaha.
  • All-In hotkey can call All-In now.

Winamax Changes

  • Fixed the border when a table is moved.
  • If you used the previous fix of setting compatibility mode to Win7 this needs to be reversed.
Global Poker

Global Changes

Note: Due to a recent Firefox update, stacking tables on Global Poker is not supported. Browsers no longer update their graphics when the table is fully covered, which means stacking will not work properly. Tiling tables is still supported however, just make sure the table is at least partially visible at all times.

  • Global Sitting-Out detection fixed for when Notes window is clicked during hero's action.
  • Increased timeout period for detecting tables from lobby to 10 seconds to help tables get detected better.
  • Additional Chrome support added.
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the X on the table not to be clickable with certain drag and drop settings.
  • Fixed bug with custom per-template Watchgrids not loading properly.
  • Fixed a bug with reset all settings not choosing the correct template after.
  • Fixed small bug with changing the Sites you play while having tables open.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause cycling to randomly stop while playing stacked.
  • Fixed a bug in Multi-Stack mode that made all tables go to slot 1 when switching templates.
  • Fixed bug with drag and drop tables from the overflow when the grid was full.
  • Fixed a few small issues around clicking main menu tabs (especially at higher dpi).
  • Popup Handling no longer occurs if the site is unchecked in the Poker Sites tab