Update Available!

New Features

  • New Features
  • Jump mouse to next table (Urgent Table Cycling)

    Auto-Center the mouse on the next table requiring action! This is useful when playing lots of SNG/Spins especially with game controller. Make sure to keep Activate Table under Mouse enabled (Main Settings) and this will help regain focus when a newly loaded table has taken it away.

  • Replayer Slot!

    Replayers can now be auto-detected and moved to a custom replayer slot. For PokerStars, PartyPoker, and iPoker use the "Move to Replayer Slot" hotkey to manually add the replayer to the slot.

  • Auto-Sit Back In (Beta)

    Avoid sitting out by having IntuitiveTables automatically sit you back in! Supported on the following sites: 888/WSOPPA, Chico, Winamax, Ignition/Bodog/Bovada, PartyPoker, CoinPoker, SwCPoker, and Revolution. If you need to actually sit out, add the table to the WatchGrid and select "Ignore for Watchgrid tables".

  • Table Previews!

    Table Previews
    • Enable Table Previews to show live thumbnails of every opened table.
    • Quickly find a table when playing stacked or watch a showdown you'd otherwise miss!
    • The last acted upon table can be automatically highlighted in the Previews.
    • Size, Position, and dimensions are fully customizable! Position is remembered at start-up.
    • Drag from the titlebar to swap any two preview slots. Drag from anywhere to move all previews.
    • Use the "Toggle Table Previews" hotkey to only show when needed!
    • Double click a preview window to activate that table!
    • Optionally hide all preview windows after double click (and at startup).

Stack and Tile Changes

  • Stack and Tile Options
  • 1

    New Stack & Tile send to grid options!

    Choose from a variety of options for when to send the table into the grid.

  • 2

    Customizable Stacks!

    Add additional Stacks or change which slot to Stack tables. Optionally send tables back to the stack they started.

  • 3

    Send tables back to stack delay

    A small delay can be configured to watch the end of a hand before it's sent back to the stack.

  • 4

    Send table to bottom of stack when moved

    This will place tables underneath the stack before moving them. This is a great option if you choose a mode where you will be playing directly on the stack.

  • 5

    Bring most urgent table on all stacks to top

    This option will bring to front the most urgent table of all stacks. In Stack & Tile this will bring the most urgent table in the stack to the top if the grid is full.

    Note: When using this feature, if a table comes to the top of the stack it will not enter the grid. This is to avoid possible misclicks when playing on the stack.

    If you have Hero Action, Cards Detected, or Pre-Action detected set for "Table enters Grid" it is suggested to keep this feature disabled.

  • 6

    Cycle to top of stack if urgent

    When playing on multiple stacks and a stack has two or more urgent tables, even if a lower down table is more urgent, it will cycle to top of stack. Use this option and "Bring most urgent table on all Stacks to top" to speed up play on multiple stacks and lots of tables to avoid any misclicks.

New Sounds

  • New Sounds
  • 1

    New Sounds Available!

    Choose a custom .wav file for each sound or leave blank for a default "beep". The Timebank sound only works on Chico, WSOP, Ignition, and SwCPoker when IntutiveTables auto-clicks the timebank.

  • 2

    Ignore sounds on current table

    Ignore sounds on the focused table which is the table under mouse or Active table depending on Hotkey Target in Hotkey Settings.

  • 3

    Ignore if last sound was within x seconds

    Sometimes multiple sounds can happen at once such as the flop and our turn starting. Use this option to hear only one sound in that time frame. This is table specific meaning you will still hear sounds on other tables. This only prevents multiple alerts on each individual table.

  • 4

    Repeat Urgent sound

    Urgent table sound can be repeated at a custom user-defined interval from 0-30s.

New Hotkeys

  • New Hotkeys
  • Open Replayer

    Available for all Sites except iPoker and Party.

  • Move to Replayer Slot

    Manually add a replayer to its slot and remove from grid for PokerStars, iPoker, and Party.

  • Sit out next hand and Sit out next BB (current table only)

    Unlike Sit out all tables, this hotkey will work as a toggle.

  • Sit back in

    Use this hotkey on the current table to sit back in.

  • Toggle All Table Previews

    Use this hotkey to toggle the visibility of all open Table Preview windows.

  • Cycle Stack in Reverse (not shown)

    Available in the Stack Hotkeys tab. Now you can cycle forward and backward in any stack in perfect order.

New Options

  • New Options
  • Overflow to Watchgrid

    This will send tables to WatchGrid when the grid is full and new tables are added to the grid. This does not apply to tables already in the grid (i.e. switching from 4x3 to 2x2).

  • Stack tables in Watchgrid

    Always stack when dropped onto a Watchgrid table.

  • Watch & Play can swap slots

    This enables dragging from WatchGrid to PlayGrid to switch slots.

  • Ignore lower 10% of table for Activate table under mouse.

    This is a great option when stacking tables from multiple sites to avoid accidental table activations if a table hangs longer than others in a stack.

IntuitiveTables Logo

IntuitiveTables Changes

  • Custom New Table Filter Changes:

    • If no open slots are found for a filter, the next open slot is used instead of going to Overflow.
    • Custom Table Location filters will now override and fill Skipped Slots.
  • Game Controller Changes:

    • Move Mouse and Switch Table Focus joystick functions are now interchangeable.
    • Switch Tables (joystick or keyboard) now can now choose PlayGrid only or all tables.
  • Other Changes:

    • Added new option "Auto-Sort tables after table closes" to Table Hotkeys Sort Settings.
    • All hotkeys in Betting Hotkeys tab can be duplicated now.
    • Added new option "Trigger hotkeys after release of key" to Betting Hotkeys Settings.
    • Added option to make SplashScreen smaller or invisible at startup (in Extra settings).
    • Custom Grid area updated to include fine tuning and snapping options.
    • Added advanced option to change how an element is detected (like color/position/etc).
    • Table cycling will happen after Re-Enter Spin & Go hotkey now.

PartyPoker Changes

  • PartyPoker Client Version
  • New PartyPoker client support added for PartyPoker Settings in Site Options tab.

    • Select "New" if your client has updated to the new software.
  • Note: For the new client, SNG/MTT Set Bet Size xBB hotkeys only work if Chips -> BB is enabled. Table sorting "By Blinds" for SNG/MTT will not work for now.

  • Spin and Go spin animation bug fixed.
  • Bet Slider Button hotkey support added (make sure Bet Button 5 is configured to "Max").
  • Default mouse wheel performance improved.

GGPoker Changes

  • Added support for Close Table After SNG/MTT (Beta).
  • Re-enter spin and go hotkey fixed (and now also works on SNG/MTT).
  • Support added for "All-in hotkey can Call or Raise All-In".
  • Fixed Spin and Gold "Waiting for Players" incorrectly detected as urgent.
  • Battle Royale/AoF tables that don't have blinds yet can wait in the overflow until the game starts.
Chico Poker

Chico Changes

  • End of SNG/MTT support added for with "Completed" in title.
  • Auto-Close "Events" popup fixed
  • Bet Slider Button hotkey support added.
  • Fixed big blind calculation when blinds go up mid-hand.
Ignition Poker

Ignition Changes

  • Ignition added "Hide Minigames" to mute side bar notification.
  • Ignition Hand Replayer no longer treated as a table.
  • Bet Slider Button hotkey support added.
Winng Poker Network

WPN Changes

  • WPN Added "Re-Enter" to register hotkey.
  • Hand History window no longer treated as a table.
888Poker WSOP

888/WSOP Changes

  • All Sit in/out hotkeys now supported.
  • Bet Slider Button hotkeys support added.
  • Pacific lobby hotkey now only toggles WSOPNJ if both WSOPNJ and 888NJ are open at the same time.

PokerStars Changes

  • Stars Set Bet Size hotkey now sets to min if bet size is less than minimum (only during a bet not a raise).
  • Register SNG/MTT hotkey now works with banners off or on.
  • PokerStars added Notification Detection to Stack and Tile. If a window has a notification it will enter grid.

iPoker Changes

  • Added support for certain skins that have been updated and no longer recognize tables (like GUTS).
  • Added a skin selector option based on visible bet slider buttons in client.
  • Bet Slider Button hotkey support added.

Winamax Changes

  • All Sit in/out hotkeys now supported.

SwCPoker Changes

  • Table urgency/Stacking support added.
  • Bet Buttons, All-In, Mouse wheel, Set Bet Size and Bet Slider Button hotkeys added.
  • Auto-Timebank added.
  • Buy chips window no longer treated as a table.
  • All Sit in/out hotkeys now supported.

CoinPoker Changes

  • Fold = Check when possible support added.
  • Set Bet Size hotkey speed and reliability improved.
  • Bet Slider Button hotkey support added.
  • All Sit in/out hotkeys now supported.
  • Replayer no longer treated as a table.
Global Poker

Global Changes

  • Global table detection in Chrome using the run command should be adding tables to the grid again.
Revolution Poker

Revolution Changes

  • All Sit in/out hotkeys now supported.
  • Bet Slider Button hotkey support added.
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Improved support for non-default mouse settings inside windows when restoring the cursor.
  • Fixed bug with Up/Down arrows not working on interface elements.
  • Anchor Table to Grid hotkey bug fixed when used on the Stack.
  • Cycle Stacked Tables hotkeys now go in the correct order in a slot.