Update Available!

New Features

  • XBox Controller
  • Full Game Controller support!

    • Map any action or hotkey to any game controller button.
    • Use your controller as a fully operational mouse! Left and right click and mouse movement are available.
    • Rumble the controller when it's your turn to act!
    • For more help setting up the controller, check out the Game Controller Guide.
  • New Table Filters
  • New Table Location Filters!

    • Create fully customizable filters for where new tables should be placed in the grid.
    • Filter by Site, Title, Grid, Template, and Slot!
    • Make sure to read the instructions before building a filter.
  • Set Bet Size by Street
  • Configure Set Bet Size by Street!

    • Customize each Set Bet Size hotkey to use a different value for each street.
    • Reduce the amount of total hotkeys needed!
  • Note: If a street is left blank, the default Value and Type (configured above) will be used instead.

  • Poker Sites Tab
  • Build Grid based on a specific Site

    • This should allow sites with large table sizes (GGPoker/888/Chico) to fit into the grid without overlap.
    • To use, select the site to build the grid based on and then re-adjust the Table Size slider in the Main tab.
  • Note: "Use this site's minimum when building grid" will override the table minimum size limit. This will very often allow the grid to get smaller but could cause larger fixed tables to spill out over the edges.

  • DPI Adjustment

    • Use this option to allow IntuitiveTables to read poker tables properly on high DPI setups
    • Make sure to follow the updated DPI Scaling Guide. This is now the recommended option.
    • If you are on a 4k Monitor, this will allow your lobbies and other text to be full size again.

New Hotkeys

  • Switch Tables Hotkey
  • Switch tables with keyboard arrow keys.

    Use your keyboard arrows to change focus to the table in the direction of your choosing!

IntuitiveTables Logo

IntuitiveTables Changes

  • Session Stats
  • Session Stats Changes:

    • Session Stats remembers size and position more accurately (especially on 4k monitors).
    • A small description has been added for new users to learn how to move and adjust the Session Stats window.
  • Random Number Generator Changes:

    • RNG Font size and style has been improved. Font size can now be increased in RNG Settings.
    • Fixed RNG bug if a long duration was set and you hit the RNG multiple times.
  • Other Changes:

    • Added "New Update Available" to statusbar if you skipped an update.
    • Added option on right click in the templates area to duplicate a template.
    • All notification tooltips on the Interface have been improved for readability.
    • Height Offset has been modified to work in all situations (instead of just PartyPoker).
    • Table Miniumums have been optimized especially for Windows Zooming.
Revolution Poker

Revolution Changes

  • Added full support for Revolution Network (Intertops/Juicy Stakes).
  • Support is added for Windows 10. Windows 7 only table placement is supported.
  • This is currently in beta. Contact support if a feature is missing or not working.

GGPoker Changes

  • Added a small delay after GGPoker bet slider button hotkeys to improve reliability with Auto-Bet = True.
  • GGPoker fixed "Show cards" at end of hand making table incorrectly urgent.
Ignition Poker

Ignition Changes

  • Ignition Poker
  • New option - Auto-Top up after hotkeys

    • If facing an All-in and "all-in hotkey can call or raise all in" is enabled, a top-up will occur.
    • If the last hotkey pressed was All-in and the next hotkey is the raise hotkey a top-up will occur.
    • If facing an All-in on river and you use the Call hotkey, a top-up will occur.
    • Whenever hero folds using the fold hotkey and action is on hero, a top-up will occur.
  • Added option "Automatically mute side bar notifications."

    • Mute side bar notifications only works if the table loads into a slot 776px or larger.
  • Additional Changes:

    • Increased timeout for Register SNG/MTT hotkey while waiting for "register" button to appear to 3.5s.
    • Close lobby after register delay now can be configured (and won't affect unregistering).
    • Open Tournament Lobby hotkey reliability improved.
Winning Poker Network

WPN Changes

  • WPN Register SNG/MTT hotkey now works on tournament lobbies as well (and closes them after).
  • WPN advanced call hotkey improved fixed at certain table sizes.
888Poker WSOP

888/WSOP Changes

  • Improved 888/WSOPPA popup handling and Register SNG/MTT hotkey.
  • WSOPPA skin option now available for 888/WSOP settings in Site Options.
  • WSOP(PA) Table urgency, sitting out detection, advanced action hotkeys all updated.
  • 888/WSOPPA Fold/Raise hotkeys now work better when button is hovered.
  • 888/WSOPPA Fold hotkey won't hit fold and watch now.
  • 888/WSOPPA fixed issue with Set bet size hotkey with auto-bet = "True".
  • WSOPPA/888 Table placement optimized with Windows Zoom enabled.
  • WSOP(NJ/NV) All-in hotkey improved at smaller table sizes.
  • WSOP(NJ/NV) Auto-close SNG/MTT support added.
  • WSOP(NJ/NV) Set Bet Size hotkey now based on a Pot Sized Bet.
  • WSOP(NJ/NV) Added unregister support for Register sng/mtt hotkey.

PokerStars Changes

  • Fixed titles starting in 50/50 causing a problem in getting BB size.
  • Fixed a table cycling bug when facing an All-In and a hotkey is used.
Global Poker

Global Changes

  • Added support for Global with Chrome using the windows "run" command to launch global.
  • Fixed Global poker lobby detection.
  • Fixes for Firefox with Windows zooming enabled and Windows 7.

Winamax Changes

  • Fixed Winamax table size on Windows 7.
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • IntuitiveTables windows now properly center over the Interface with windows zooming enabled.
  • Fixed a bug on the interface where you could select a menu item on release of left click.
  • Removed UIA error popup messages completely. They will only show in logs now.
  • Fixed table borders being slightly off with Windows Zoom enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a blank template to save when restoring default templates.