Update Available!

Update Notes

  • Backup Settings
  • New Features and Stability Improvements

    IntuitiveTables v2.0.5 has many new features and hotkeys along with a variety of performance and stability improvements. Scroll down to see all the new features and changes!

  • Back Up Settings

    It is a good idea to back up your settings before any update. Click "Back Up" and type in a profile name. To reload from backup just click "Restore" and select the folder with the name you chose and all settings will return.

  • Game controller support has been temporarily removed.

    A better implementation is in the works. If you already set game controller hotkeys they will still work but they currently cannot be changed.

New Features

  • Auto-Close after Tournament
  • Auto-Close table after SNG/MTT

    - Set a delay before the table is closed to allow time to re-enter.

    - Available for WPN, Ignition, and PartyPoker. More sites will be added over time.

  • Bring most urgent above top window

    - Don't miss any hands while browsing the lobby for more games or chatting with a friend.

    - Note: This only applies when "Bring table to front on hero's action" or Multi-Stack mode is enabled.

  • Save All Lobby Positions
  • Auto-Move lobbies to saved positions at startup

    - Place all your lobbies in the size and position you want and click "Save All Current Lobby Positions".

    - Lobbies will now snap to their slots at startup and when they first load.

New Hotkeys

  • New Hotkeys
  • Add Custom Table to Grid

    - Add any window or a table from a Site not supported by IntuitiveTables to the grid.

    - This will only move and add the window to the grid but not re-size the window. Betting hotkeys and Stacking related features are not supported on these windows.

  • Register SNG/MTT

    - Use this hotkey to register a SNG/MTT from the lobby and have the pop-ups handled automatically.

    - Supported on PokerStars, WSOP/888, WPN, Chico, Winamax, Ignition, and PartyPoker.

  • Re-Enter Spin and Go

    - Use this hotkey to automatically re-enter a Spin and Go, Windfall, or Jackpot SNG.

    - *Beta* Supported on Winamax, GGPoker, Ignition, Chico, and WPN.

  • Open Tournament Lobby

    - This hotkey will open the tournament lobby on the table. On some sites and game types this will instead open the main lobby.

    - Supported on all sites and skins (except Global Poker)

  • Sit out next hand all tables

    - This hotkey can sit you out next hand on all tables. In general, this hotkey does not toggle. To sit back in, use the "Sit back in all tables" hotkey.

    - Supported on PokerStars (Aurora only), WPN, Ignition, Chico, PartyPoker, WSOP, and Winamax

  • Rebuy on cash game table

    - This hotkey clicks the "Add Chips" or "Rebuy" or "Add Money" button on the table.

    - Supported on PokerStars (Aurora only), 888, WPN, Chico, Winamax, GGPoker, and iPoker.

IntuitiveTables Logo

IntuitiveTables Changes

  • Stack and Tile Changes:

    • Use your Fold and Stack hotkey also as a Send Table to Stack hotkey (Enable in Betting Hotkey Settings).
  • Anchor Icon
  • Added table anchor icon for "Anchor table" hotkey.

    This cannot be moved or resized currently.

  • Multi-Stack Changes:

    • Removed the option "Click off urgent pauses cycling". This just works by default now.
    • This also allows easier access to HUD popups and easier note taking.
    • Removed "Cycle tables delay". Now when you cycle through a stack, cycling wont resume until you act on another table.
  • Session Stats
  • Session Stats Changes:

    • Added # of urgent tables to Session Stats window.
    • Added tables opened by Site in Session Stats window (you may need to resize Session Stats to see it)
  • New Tables
  • New Tables Changes:

    • Simplified New tables load behind (all it does now is sets the window to bottom before moving).
    • Added option to Re-Focus last window. This will try to restore focus to the previous top most window before the new table came in.
  • New Options:

    • Added option "All-in hotkey can call all in or raise all in" to Betting Hotkeys Options (not available for iPoker or GGPoker. Contact support if you'd like this added).
    • Added "Disable Pause Hotkeys Sound" in Table Hotkeys Options.
  • Minor Changes:

    • Changed Sit back In all tables Cash to just Sit back in all tables and added more supported sites.
    • You now can double click a hotkey to bring up the hotkey selector in all tabs.
    • The hotkey selector now shows the current hotkey name in the title.
    • Updated the diagnostics window. Added a "Scan Table" option to help diagnose any issues much faster.
    • Disallowed "=" as a valid hotkey.
    • Lifted the restriction on mapping the same hotkey twice in betting hotkeys tab.
    • Added an error if you try to delete all templates.
Seals With Clubs Poker

SwCPoker Changes

  • Added support for SwCPoker (SealsWithClubs)
  • Table placement only. Please contact support if you'd like additional features added.

GGPoker Changes

  • Lowered GGPoker table minimum to 576 (this now is much closer to true minimum).
  • GGPoker SmartHud/Notes staying on top is now an option in Site Options.
  • Fixed GGPoker Smart HUD/Notes window on top option since GGPoker update.
  • Improved advanced fold detection on GGPoker at certain table sizes.
  • GGPoker border on hero's turn now stays behind other windows properly.
Ignition Poker

Ignition Changes

  • Improved timebank detection on Ignition.
  • Set Bet Size hotkeys for Ignition now based on Pot Sized Bet (PSB) and reliability improved.
  • All-in hotkey for PLO now pots it (or shoves if it can).
  • Added Auto-Accept table close warning in Site Options.
  • Improved Ignition register from lobby.
  • Improved mouse wheel functionality.
  • Fixed Ignition tournament info window mistaken as a table.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Raise hotkey to not fire if very quickly following the All-In hotkey for Ignition.
Winning Poker Network

WPN Changes

  • Custom mouse wheel size added (For example .25 BB scrolling).
  • Set Bet Size hotkeys for WPN now based on Pot Sized Bet (PSB).
  • Added Set Bet Size support for WPN when chips are converted to BB.
  • All-in hotkey for PLO now pots it (or shoves if it can).
  • Added Auto-Accept table close warning in Site Options.
  • WPN click info tab reliability improved.
  • Improved WPN lobby detection.
Chico Poker

Chico Changes

  • Added auto-timebank for Chico.
  • Improved Chico table placement at 150% and 125% Windows scaling.
  • Added Auto-Accept table close warning in Site Options.
  • Improved clicking table elements on Chico with Left Click + Drag enabled.

Party Changes

PartyPoker Currency
  • Added support for partypoker with "," currency format (2,5bb instead of 2.5bb) for mouse wheel/set bet size hotkeys.
  • Improved hole card detection for PartyPoker when tables are very small.
  • BetMGM Michigan, BetMGMPA and BorgataPA support added.
  • PartyPoker mouse wheel with no Value/Type i.e. default now works on any currency format.
  • Fixed PartyPoker Set Bet Size and mouse wheel when a note window on a player is visible.
888Poker WSOP

888/WSOP Changes

  • Added Set bet Size hotkey support for 888.com with chips -> BB enabled inside client.
  • Fixed WSOP All-In hotkey at specific table sizes.
  • Fixed WSOP/888 Raise hotkey when raise button is red.
  • Added 888.com notes always on top option. Contact support if you want this added for WSOP.

PokerStars Changes

  • Added Bet Slider button hotkeys to PokerStars.
  • Fixed HUD dragging issue on Stars Aurora that made it hard to right click and move HUD windows.
  • Classic theme added (both aurora and non aurora).

iPoker Changes

Poker Software
  • Added support for partypoker with "," currency format (2,5bb instead of 2.5bb) for Set Bet Size hotkeys.
  • Added set bet size hotkey support for iPoker with chips -> BB enabled
  • Updated iPoker All-In hotkey to cover more table sizes and color variations.

Winamax Changes

  • Winamax mouse wheel works again after bet slider hotkey or manual click of bet slider button.
  • Set Bet Size hotkeys now available for Winamax (*Beta).
  • All-in hotkey now pots in Omaha on Winamax.
  • Added Notification Detection to Winamax Expresso popups.
  • Addressed an issue that may have caused Expresso tables to not re-load into the grid as quickly.
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Firefox now supported again for Global Poker.
  • Addressed a problem where a poker table can steal focus from another application specifically when a new table loads.
  • Addressed a few issues where tables weren't getting added to the grid.
  • Also if a table is missed, it can now be manually added to the grid without issues.
  • Fixed a bug where table borders where showing even with the option turned off.
  • Updated Chico advanced action button detection to account for more variation.
  • Fixed a few small bugs with IntuitiveMode with certain features diabled like Arrange at Launch.
  • Fixed a bug with Left and Right click drag both enabled that caused lag when left+right click are used in quick succession.
  • Fixed a bug that ended up allowing non-poker windows to be dragged if a bit of lag occurred during a drag.
  • Fixed a bug with New Table Location -> Custom not working properly.
  • Fixed a small issue where single row templates weren't able to fill the monitor height 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where Sitting out and Notification Detection locations weren't being saved properly.
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking text controls on the interface copies the text.
  • Fixed a bug where if all IntuitiveMode templates are deleted and no Default is set it caused the wrong template to be selected.
  • Fixed a bug when using Restore Default Templates also reset default settings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the WatchGrid to not work after a Custom Grid was saved. Contact support if you need help resolving this.