Emulators Guide

  • Why do I need to follow this guide?
  • Poker tables on emulator sites are much taller than normal tables. In order to have the best experience while using these sites, it is recommended follow the steps laid out in this guide.

    Emulator Slots
  • Which sites are included?
    • PPPoker PPPoker
    • uPoker uPoker
    • PokerBros PokerBros (LDPlayer4 only)

  • What steps are covered in this guide?
  • Step 1) Configure each emulator site correctly.
    Step 2)
    Build Site-Specific emulator slots.
    Step 3)
    Create custom new table filters for each site.

    Note: Support for PPPoker, uPoker, and PokerBros are currently in beta. Please update to IntuitiveTables v2.0.8.7 or higher by going to Update -> Version Manager inside IntuitiveTables or by downloading the newest beta manually here.

Step 1. Configure Sites

Site Setup
  • 1

    Poker Site Setup
  • Start by reviewing Site Setup for each emulator site you wish to play. There will be steps to properly enable and configure each site.


    My PPPoker keeps crashing Identify Lobby
    • 1

      Identify Lobby
    • IntuitiveTables needs to detect the PPPoker lobby before adding any tables to the grid. If you open PPPoker with a table already open, you will be required to manually identify the lobby. If you click on the table instead of the lobby, PPPoker will likely crash.

    Note: If PPPoker is still crashing after the lobby has been identified, it could be due to moving the lobby too much. Try to only minimize/restore the lobby and not move it. A lobby slot and hotkeys can be defined in the Poker Sites tab to help assist with this.

    My emulator for PokerBros is not supported

    Emulator support is very new to IntuitiveTables. Please contact support and request your emulator be added for use with PokerBros.

Step 2. Custom Slots

Custom Slot
  • 1

    Custom Grid
  • To build a custom emulator slot we start by opening the "Custom Grid" tool in the Main Tab.

  • 2

    Build slot based on
  • Here we can select the site to build the next slot. For example if you want to add a PPPoker slot, choose "PPPoker" here and the next slot created will be extra tall and follow the PPPoker table dimensions.

  • 3

    Add Table
  • Once the site we want is selected, press "Add Table" and a new slot will be built directly on top of the last found slot. Drag anywhere on the table to reposition this slot and then resize the window to the height you want. In this photo there are two emulator slots created like this (Table 7 and Table 8).

Note: Do not place regular sized tables (like PokerStars or WPN) into emulator slots. Many features will not work properly.


    The table size slider is now greyed out Table Size Slider

    Once custom slots are added, the table size slider will no be available. You can either create a new grid with larger base slots or manually resize and re-position all slots in this template by clicking "Custom Grid" once again.

    I can't see the table number on the slot

    If you size the slot too small, it will cut off the table number. It is not recommended to play on emulator sites with tables this small anyway as some features may not work properly.

    My emulator slot keeps resizing to a wide table

    If you want to make changes to a specific slot, make sure to reselect the site in the "Build Slot Based on" selector (#2 above). After this, slots will resize according to the site selected.

Step 3. Custom Filters

Custom Filters
  • 1

    New Table Location
  • To build custom table location filters press the "Customize" button in the New Table Location area in Main Settings.

  • 2

    New Filter
  • Start by adding a new filter for each emulator site you want to play.

  • 3

    Choose Sites
  • Once the filter is initially made you will need to select a site for each filter. Multiple sites can be selected here by holding down "Ctrl" or click and dragging when clicking on sites.

  • 4

    Choose Slots
  • Here we need to tell IntuitiveTables which slots to place the emulator tables. Multiple slots can be selected here and the first open/least filled slot will be used. Based on Step #2 we would choose Slots 7 and 8 for our emulator tables.

  • 5

    Apply to Templates
  • Lastly, you will need to select which templates to apply the filter. Multiple templates can be selected here if the table numbers line up in both templates for the slots you chose.


    How do I apply the filter to the WatchGrid?

    There is a "Grid" selector in the filter settings. Choose "Watch" instead of "Play" to have the filter apply to the WatchGrid.

    The table did not go to it's custom slot

    If the slot is filled and stacking is not enabled, the table will find the first available slot in the main grid. To avoid this issue either enable the "Multi-Stack" in the Stack Setup tab or create additional emulator slots.