- GGPoker fixed table positioning and hotkeys. Please provide feedback if anything is still not working properly.
    - Chico Fixed COPS series lobbies acting as tables.
    - Game Controller fixed bug where first time enabling "Switch Table Focus" didn't allow up/down movement.

    - Added "Hide Minigames" to mute side bar notification.
    - Added new option "Trigger hotkeys after release of key" to Betting Hotkeys Settings.
    - CoinPoker Fold = Check when possible support added.
    - CoinPoker Set Bet Size hotkey speed and reliability improved.

    - Add all tables to grid hotkey will restore any minimized tables in all situations now.
    - Fixed Anchor/Ignore tooltips being too large.
    - WPN Fixed Sit back in all tables hotkey for when Notification Button Color is set to 2nd option.
    - Ignition Added option to mute side bar notification.

    - NEW FEATURE: Configure Set Bet Size hotkey by street (Betting Hotkeys Tab).
    - NEW OPTION: Choose which Site to build the grids based on (Poker Sites tab).
    - NEW OPTION: Override the table minimum size when building a grid (Poker Sites tab).
    - NEW OPTION: DPI Adjustment for Stars, Chico, iPoker, Winamax, and Party.
        - Allow your lobbies to be full size again. 
        - Make sure Override high DPI scaling behavior is DISABLED now for each site.
        - Works on Windows 10 only.
    - Height Offset has been modified to work in all situations (instead of just PartyPoker).
    - Table Miniumums have been optimized especially for Windows Zooming.
    - Fixed table borders being slightly off with Windows Zoom enabled.
    - WPN Register SNG/MTT hotkey fixed in certain situations.
    - WSOPPA/888 Register from lobby hotkey fixed with Windows Zoom enabled.
    - WSOPPA/888 Table placement optimized with Windows Zoom enabled.
    - WSOP/888 Fixed table detection issue with "Tournament" in the title.
    - GGPoker fixed "Show cards" at end of hand making table incorrectly urgent.
    - Global Poker fixes for Firefox with Windows zooming enabled and Windows 7.
    - Revolution fixed table urgency with Windows Zoom enabled.
    - Ignition fixed open tournament lobby hotkey with Windows Zoom enabled.
    - Fixed a few bugs around New Table Filters and total slots to choose from.
    - Fixed a bug that caused a blank template to save when restoring default templates.
    - Improved titlebar detection with Windows Zoom enabled.
    - Improved diagnostics with with Windows Zoom enabled.

    - 888/WSOPPA Improved popup handling and Register SNG/MTT hotkey.
    - 888/WSOPPA Fold/Raise hotkeys now work better when button is hovered.
    - 888/WSOPPA Fold hotkey wont hit fold and watch now.
    - 888/WSOPPA fixed Set bet size hotkey with auto-bet = "True".
    - Ignition Close Lobby after Register delay now configurable (and won't apply to unregistering).
    - Removed UIA error popup messages completely. They will only show in logs now.
    - RNG Font size and style has been improved. Font size can now be increased in RNG Settings.
    - Fixed RNG bug if a long duration was set and you hit the RNG multiple times.
    - All notification tooltips on the Interface have been improved for readability.

    - NEW NETWORK: Added full support for Revolution Poker - Intertops, Juicy Stakes. (please let me know if there are other skins
    - WPN Register SNG/MTT hotkey now works on tournament lobbies as well (and closes them after).
    - WPN advanced call hotkey improved fixed at certain table sizes.
    - PokerStars fixed titles starting in 50/50 causing a problem in getting BB size.
    - WSOPPA skin option now available for 888/WSOP settings in Site Options.
        - May have fixed Register SNG/MTT popup handling here as well.
        - Table urgency, sitting out detection, advanced action hotkeys all improved.
        - Added warning when lobby loads if wrong skin is selected.
    - Session Stats improvements made for remembering size and position more accurately (especially on 4k monitors).
    - Fixed an issue with Joystick Move Mouse that prevented computer from sleeping when idle.
    - Added "New Update Available" to statusbar whenever a new update comes out.
    - Added email validation to begin the trial.

    - NEW FEATURE: Full Game Controller support added.
    - NEW FEATURE: Switch tables with keyboard arrow keys (enable in Table hotkeys settings area).
    - Ignition "the amount you entered is more than..." won't trigger notification detection.
    - Ignition increased timeout for Register SNG/MTT hotkey from Main lobby.
    - WSOP all-in hotkey improved at smaller table sizes.
    - WSOP Auto-Close SNG/MTT support added.
    - WSOP Set Bet Size hotkey now based on a Pot Sized Bet.
    - WSOP Unregister support for register sng/mtt hotkey.
    - WSOP.PA Main lobby hotkey and Register SNG/MTT support added (Note WSOP.PA users should use the 888 skin inside IntuitiveTables)
    - WSOPPA/888 "Auto-accept single button dialogs" updated. Note: this will auto-close Blast registration window for now (known issue).
    - PokerStars improved table cycling on when facing an All-In and a hotkey is used.
    - Global support added for Chrome using the windows "run" command to launch Global.

    - Auto top up Ignition now can work on Fold hotkey and/or All-In hotkey (user choice).
    - Added option on right click in the templates area to duplicate a template.
    - Global table urgency added (firefox only) new felt only since old felt is being phased out.
    - Fixed Global poker lobby detection.
    - Defaulting option "All-In hotkey can call or raise all-in" to on.
    - Fixed Winamax table size on Windows 7.

    - Added option: "Auto-Top up on Fold or All-In hotkey" on Ignition. 
    - Added custom filtering options to "Custom" table location.

    - Updated default Ignition mouse wheel when no custom value/type is added.
    - Default mouse wheel on Winamax now works after manual bet slider button is clicked.
            - Custom Size (i.e. .25BB) has been removed for now for Winamax. It was too slow.
    - Fixed a problem with PartyPoker Register SNG/MTT hotkey when unregistering.  
    - Add more details to any error popups to help debugging.

    - Rolling back some changes such as Fold = Check on GGPoker/Chico/888/iPoker due to performance issues.
        - This also includes Close table after SNG/MTT on Chico
        - These features are still available if you aren't having issues with them. Contact support to see how to enable them.
    - Fixed a bug where double clicking text controls on the interface copies the text.
    - Fixed a bug where if all IntuitiveMode templates are deleted and no Default is set it caused the wrong template to be selected.
    - Added an error if you try to delete all templates.
    - Fixed a bug when using Restore Default Templates also reset default settings. 
    - Fixed Anchor Icon for 4k monitors with windows zooming enabled.
    - Fixed Ignition custom mouse wheel occasionally losing focus.
    - Improved error handling to the UIA dodefaultaction error.
    - Added longer delay after popup is clicked to help Party tables close after SNG/MTT.
    - Fixed bug that caused an error/crash on Windows 7.
    - Fixed bug with Multi-Stack if "Bring table to front on hero's action" was not also selected.
    - Updated how settings are saved to improve performance.
    - Simplified Site breakdown in session stats window (only shows tables opened by site now).
    - Added GGpoker support for Add Chips hotkey.
    - Added Winamax notification detection to special promotional notification (fixes Re-Enter hotkey).

    - Added option "All-in hotkey can call all in or raise all in"
        - Sites supported: Stars, WPN, Ignition, Chico, Party, WSOP/888, and Winamax
    - Added 888.com notes always on top option. Let me know if this is needed for WSOP.
    - All-in hotkey now tries to pot in PLO on GGPoker
    - Changed Sit back In all tables Cash to just sit back in All Tables
    - Added Hotkey Sit out Next Hand all Tables
        - Sites supported: Stars (Aurora only), WPN, Ignition, Chico, Party, WSOP, and Winamax
    - Fixed GGPoker Fold = Check when possible to work more reliably.
    - Fixed PartyPoker set bet size and mouse wheel when a note window on a player is visible.
    - PartyPoker set bet size hotkey now wont work when "Pot" is not visible. 
        - This is a current limitation until I can work out the full pot size in any scenario.
    - PartyPoker mouse wheel with no Value/Type i.e. default now works on any currency format
    - Lifted the restriction on mapping the same hotkey twice in betting hotkeys tab.
    - Added # of urgent tables to session details.
    - Added additional PartyPoker versions support for Close table after SNG/MTT.
    - Addressed an issue that may have caused Expresso tables to not re-load into the grid as quickly.
    - Fixed Winamax Re Enter Spin and Go Hotkey.
    - Shiva Window no longer mistaken as a table.
    - Sped up the performance of "Re-Focus last window".

    - Fixed PokerStars register sng/mtt hotkey.
        - Removed pop-up handling because this can be done inside PokerStars lobby.
    - NEW HOTKEY: Added Re-Enter Spin and Go hotkey.
        - Available for Winamax, GGPoker, Ignition, Chico, WPN.
    - Added Notification Detection to Winamax Expresso popups.

    - Simplified New tables load behind (all it does now is sets the window to bottom before moving).
    - Added option to Re-Focus last window in New Table Location (main settings).
        - This will restore focus to the previous top most window before the new table came in.
    - Fixed a problem with sorting the list of urgent tables causing the most urgent table to change when it shouldn't.

    - Fixed the issue causing the IntuitiveTables "error on line 13255".
    - NEW HOTKEY: "Open Tournament Lobby" will click "Open Lobby" on every site and skin (except global).
    - Added "Bring most urgent above top window" option when a non poker window is active and urgent cycling/multistack is enabled.
    - Added "Disable Pause Hotkeys Sound" in table hotkeys options.
    - Added option to "Auto-Move lobbies to saved positions at startup" to PokerSites tab.
        - Added H and W options to Lobby slots.
    - Improved WPN lobby detection.
    - Removed options "Click off urgent pauses cycling" this just works by default now.
    - Removed "Cycle tables delay". Now when you cycle through a stack cycling wont resume until you act on another table.
    - Re-Ordered and added some color blocks to Table Hotkeys tab (since there's so many and they're hard to see).
    - Fixed a bug that caused the WatchGrid to not work after a Custom Grid was saved. Contact support if you need help resolving this.
    - Fixed a bug that still showed the Ignore tooltip with the disable anchor/ignore tooltip option enabled.
    - Fixed a minor bug that caused Chico lobbies with R/A to think they are a poker table.
    - Fixed a bug that caused a betting hotkey to stay active when completely deleted.
    - READ CAREFULLY - Removed all game controller/Joystick support for now. If you already have hotkeys setup they will still work but they can't be changed at the moment.
	    - The previous implementation (very rarely) caused IntuitiveTables to use a lot more CPU than it should when a controller is not found. I will work on alternative solutions.
    - Added "Add Custom Table to Grid" hotkey. Add any window or a table from a Site not added from IntuitiveTables to the grid. Only moves, doesn't resize.
    - Improved Ignition register from lobby. Centers the tournament lobby over the main lobby and does more in the background.
    - Fixed Ignition table sometimes gets added to Urgent Queue at end of a SNG with Notification Detection off.
    - Added another check to custom mouse wheel size to make sure the initial size is grabbed.
    - Fixed a bug where if WPN mouse wheel was still going and fold was pressed on WPN it would randomly click the table.
    - Improvements made to table borders including a bug that would show border on hero action after hero acted.
    - Fixed GGPoker Smart HUD/Notes window on top option since GGPoker update.
    - Added set bet size hotkey support for iPoker with chips -> BB enabled as well as european currency compatibility (need to enable in site options)
    - WPN click info tab reliability improved with also a backup check on first table activation.
    - Added Set bet Size hotkey support for 888.com with chips -> BB enabled inside client.
    - Added an option to double click a hotkey to bring up the hotkey selector in all tabs inside IntuitiveTables.
	    - The hotkey selector now shows the current hotkey name in the title.
    - Adjusted 888.com hole card and call button detection to help Fold = Check when possible to work more reliably.

    - Added support for BetMGMPA and BorgataPA.
    - Improved "New tables load behind" feature to address a problem where a poker table can steal focus from another application specifically when a new table loads.
    - Close table after SNG/MTT added for PartyPoker and WSOP.
    - Fixed a problem that caused the Raise hotkey to not fire if very quickly following the All-In hotkey for Ignition.

    - NEW FEATURE *BETA* Close table after SNG/MTT. Available for WPN, Ignition, and Chico (Windows 10 only)
    - Added Auto-Accept table close warning to Ignition and Chico.
    - Classic theme added for Pokerstars (both aurora and non aurora)
    - Fixed Ignition tournament info window mistaken as a table.
    - All-in hotkey for PLO in Ignition and WPN now pots it (or shoves if it can).
    - Fixed a bug where Sitting out and Notification Detection locations weren't being saved properly.    
    - Added Site by Site breakdown in Session Stats window... resize it longer to see.

    - Added delay to PokerStars bet slider button hotkeys to help auto-bet true work more reliably.
    - All-in hotkey now pots in Omaha on Winamax.
    - Added site by site breakdown in Session Stats window (you may need to resize Session Stats to see it)
    - Added table anchor icon for "Anchor table" hotkey (defaulting to ON can be changed in Table Hotkeys Settings)
    - WPN set back to faster table switching.
    - Small visual improvements to Settings tabs.

    - Added Bet Slider button hotkeys to PokerStars.
    - Added option in Betting Hotkeys Settings to "Add any table to Stack with Fold and Stack hotkey"
            - Basically this means you can use your Fold and Stack hotkey also as a Send Table to Stack hotkey.
    - Winamax Enable fold and Stack hotkey for pre-action will now work.
    - Updated WPN table activations to address an issue with Venom tables not activating properly.

    - *BETA* Added Bet = Check when possible to GGPoker, iPoker, 888, and Chico (no popup anymore).
    - Fixed 888 raise hotkey when the bet size is set to all-in (and button turns red).
    - Added support for partypoker with "," currency format for mouse wheel/set bet size hotkeys. 
        - Choose "Use European currency format" in Site Options -> PartyPoker Settings
    - Removed a max table size restriction on templates that was caused when PartyPoker is selected in Poker Sites.        
    - Lowered GGPoker table minimum to 576 (this now is much closer to true minimum).
    - Fixed a small issue where single row templates weren't able to fill the monitor height 100%.
    - Improved clicking table elements on Chico with Left Click + Drag enabled.
    - Fixed HUD dragging issue on Stars Aurora that made it hard to right click and move HM2 windows.

    - Addressed a few issues where tables weren't getting added to the grid.
    - Also if/when a table is missed, it can now be manually added to the grid without issues.
    - Updated Global Poker table detection to help find tables more reliably and be more update resistant.

    - Updated how GGPoker detects tables to avoid lag after re-entering Spin & Gos.
    - Updated iPoker All-In hotkey to cover more table sizes and color variations.
    - Fixed Change Table Order drag and drop bug.
    - Sped up table switching after hotkey during urgent cycling by 50ms.
    - Fixed Carbon skin Sit out Next BB hotkey.
    - Added advanced performance settings to Advanced Diagnostics window.

    - Register hotkey now works on Ignition main lobby. 
    - Adjusted "Close Lobby after Register" to identify and close the lobby more reliably.
    - Rebuy Cash game hotkey now works for either "Buy Chips" location on PokerStars (i.e. when the "Layouts" text is visible).
    - Added table placement for SwCPoker (SealsWithClubs).
    - Improved a few more aspects of WPN set bet size hotkeys including activating the table if not active.
    - Small changes to custom mouse wheel on most sites to help get the initial value more reliably.
    - Improved Chico table placement at 150% and 125% Windows scaling.
    - GGPoker border on hero's turn now stays behind other windows properly.
    - Improved PokerStars Carbon Theme urgent table detection when hovering the mouse over bet buttons.
    - BetMGM Michigan skin added for partypoker (need screenshots of bet buttons for game-state features).
    - Disallowed "=" as a valid hotkey.
    - Fixed a bug that may have caused Winamax tables to not activate properly.
    - Fixed a few small bugs with IntuitiveMode with certain features diabled like Arrange at Launch.
    - Fixed a bug with Left and Right click drag both enabled that caused lag when left+right click are used in quick succession.
    - Fixed a bug that ended up allowing non-poker windows to be dragged if a bit of lag occurred during a drag.
    - Fixed a bug with New Table Location -> Custom not working properly.
    - Fixed a bug that may have allowed users to save a new template with an empty name.

    - *BETA* Set Bet Size hotkeys now available for Winamax (must enable in compatible sites list).
    - *BETA* Custom mouse wheel sizes now available for Winamax.
    - Ignition Set Bet Size hotkeys compatible with Jurojin chips -> bb enabled.
    - Fixed an issue at certain table sizes on Hyper-Simple theme with incorrect Sit-Out detection.
    - *BETA* Auto-Accept table closing warning now available for WPN (still working on closing at end of SNG/MTT)
    - Improved advanced fold detection on GGPoker at certain table sizes.
    - Added hotkey "Click Rebuy Cash Game"
    - Fixed a small issue with new WPN Set Bet Size hotkeys and increased the timeout period a small amount.

    - WPN custom mouse wheel added. Automatically detects if you are converted to BB or not. Works in both modes.
    - Small improvements to Chico/Stars betting hotkeys.
    - Fixed a bug that caused two urgent tables to bounce back and forth in Urgent Cycling Mode when a non-poker window is focused.
    - Set Bet Size hotkeys for WPN now based on Pot Sized Bet (PSB) for type: Pot instead of just total pot size.
        - Officially working for when chips are converted to BB (auto-detects)
        - Performance improvements and misclick prevention (i.e. trying to 2.5x open with auto-bet = true into a raise by accident will be stopped)
    - Ignition Auto-Timebank clicker performance and reliability improved.
    - WPN Click info tab on table load updated (need testers)
    - Set Bet Size hotkeys for Ignition now based on PSB as well.
    - GGPoker SmartHud/Notes staying on top is now an option in Site Options.
    - Added set bet size support for WPN when chips are converted to BB and speed drastically improved
    - Added additional Game Controller support such as mouse movement/clicking and d-pad as mouse wheel.
    - Fixed WSOP All-In hotkey at specific table sizes
    - Fixed WSOP Raise hotkey when raise button is red.

    - Updated the diagnostics window. Added a "Scan Table" option to help diagnose any issues much faster.
    - NEW HOTKEY (BETA): Register SNG/MTT. Please test this and let me know what needs to be added/fixed. Supported on Stars, WSOP/888, WPN, Chico, Winamax, Ignition, and PartyPoker
    - Updated setup guide for Partypoker to show that preferred seating must be enabled and configured correctly as well as certain bet buttons in the client.
    - Improved hole card detection for PartyPoker when tables are very small.
    - Increased the waiting period for click info tab for WPN to help improve reliability further.
    - Setting a Bet Slider Button hotkey can be the same key as Set Bet Size (make sure to configure sites properly).
    - Added auto-timebank for Chico (BETA).
    - Added pop-up detection for end of spin & go on GGPoker (Beta and untested).
    - Improved timebank detection on Ignition.
    - Default Sit out and Notification Detection to Off.
    - Winamax mouse wheel works again after bet slider hotkey.
    - Fixed Sit out all/Sit back in All tables hotkey for PokerStars.
    - Fixed a bug where table borders where showing even with the option turned off.
    - Fixed a bug where if you switched from Urgent Queue to WatchGrid or Overflow a sat out table would stay stuck in the Urgent List.

    - Updated Chico advanced action button detection to account for more variation.
    - Added small offset to iPoker Set_Focus_Bet_Box
    - Updated WSOP All-In and bet box detection to account for smaller table sizes.
    - Adjusted Click Info Tab setting to improve the reliability of this feature for WPN.

    - Ignition auto-time bank and custom scroll fixed again.
    - Fixed issue causing WPN table to be urgent when two other players are deciding to run it twice.
    - Added small delay to WPN all-in hotkey to improve performance with auto-bet true.
    - Updated the registration window to show if the server is down to avoid any confusion.
    - Restarted the trial for everyone.
    - Adjusted WPN notification detection to catch Jackpot sng popup for alternative blue X
    - Addressed an issue that caused Ignition tables to sometimes not be detected from the lobby and placed into a slot.
    - Ignition auto-timebank now uses a faster click if the table is active.
    - Notification at the start of Ignition SNG will now be ignored.
    - Updated WPN notification detection. Included an alternative color option in settings.
    - Winamax fold button detection variation increased to account for the darker fold when not facing a bet on our turn.
    - Winamax Bet Slider Buttons added to betting hotkeys. Click on Bet Slider Button 1 in Betting Hotkeys and enable Winamax to use.
    - Addressed an issue that may have kept PartyPoker tables from activating properly when urgent cycling tables.
    - Added support for Lottomatica poker.

    - Fixed Ignition custom mouse scroll after auto-timebank is clicked.
    - Fixed an issue that sometimes caused urgent table cycling to be laggy or take long to switch.
    - Updated Notification detection on WPN for BlackChipPoker.
    - Renamed "Enable Urgent Table Cycling" to "Bring table to front on hero's action" and further improved the functionality.
        - With this feature enabled in grid mode, a table will only pop up once until an action is taken on any table (this matches what Pokerstars does). It should feel a lot smoother.
    - Delay after hotkey press now possible for all layouts but defaulted to OFF (not a recommended setting if you want to play fast).
    - Fixed bug where sometimes a main Menu item wasnt selected propery in new interface.
    - Fixed a few issues around table borders causing them to sometimes show when a table no longer has action.

    - *NEW FEATURE* Added Click Info Tab on table load for Stars/Chico/WPN/Party/WSOP.
    - *NEW FEATURE* Added advanced action fold+stack option to fold and stack hotkey in betting hotkeys settings.
    - *NEW FEATURE* Added template specific custom watchgrid to the custom grid builder.
    - *NEW TABLE HOTKEYS* Added Sit out all tables next Big Blind and Sit back in all Tables hotkey for Stars/Chico/WPN/Ignition/Party/WSOP.
    - *NEW TABLE HOTKEY* Added hotkey to auto-top up stack on Ignition cash games.
    - Urgent table cycling improved for regular grid mode and table under mouse. Tables now pop to front when action is required (only once per turn).
    - Improved Ignition notification detection to detect all types of popups.
    - Global Poker table placement working again on Chrome.

    - Improved bet button detection on GGPoker.
    - Fixed active table border on GGPoker after clicking to activate manually.
    - Session Stats window now remembers its position. Added "Options" to right click for addition options:
        1) Show at startup (defaulted to off). This will load Session Stats when IntuitiveTables first is launched.
        2) Start timer at launch (defaulted to on). This starts the timer immediately when the Session Stats window appears.
    - Addressed an issue that may have cause the fonts to not appear properly on the new interface.
    - Added Bet Slider Button hotkeys to betting hotkeys tab for GGPoker (untested) and WPN with auto-bet option.
    - Changed GGPoker Hotkeys to be click based no longer relying on GG built in hotkeys (untested).
    - Added sitting out detection to GGPoker (untested).
    - Updated notification detection on Chico to catch certain SNG popups.
    - Fixed Table urgency issue on Hyper-Simple when raise button is hovered.
    - Active border will show first instead of urgent border when urgent cycling.

    - Sped up the table borders which also fixed a bug where sometimes the main interface was being dragged randomly.
    - Change in border color from the Interface will now immediately update on all tables.
    - Sped up switching tables in all situations including urgent table cycling, next urgent hotkey, and cycle stacked tables hotkey.
    - added Expresso support for Winamax
    - The active table border will now blink right away instead of sometimes skipping the first blink.
    - Added option to re-highlight bet after set bet size hotkey.
    - Added close lobby option to accept registration on Ignition.
    - Adjusted WPN hole card detection to try to catch deck 2 and 3 better.
    - Added custom mouse wheel/set bet size hotkey support for PokerStars when aurora is bypassed.

    - Updated the Interface to make room for new features and improve user experience.
    - Created a Site Options tab and moved the bottom portion of settings into this new tab.

    - Fixed an issue that caused the auto-timebank to fail on first attempt on Ignition
    - Auto-Timebank should now work on Ignition tables with the side-bar open as long as the table is above around 780px wide.
    - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused tables to remain on the urgent list if closed while urgent.

    - Addressed an issue where hotkeys sometimes weren't being registered in urgent cycling mode on certain sites.
    - Changed WSOP/888 hotkeys to a click based method rather than using the built in hotkeys.
    - The bet size is now rounded when its a tournament and chips arent converted to bb.
    - Fixed iPoker tables not getting grabbed from lobby on some iPoker skins.
    - Further increased the performance of set bet size hotkeys.
    - Fixed a bug where auto-bet true for all in wasnt working ignition always.
    - Added a progress bar when switching profiles.
    - Added registration window auto-click to Ignition (in Settings tab).
    - Fixed a problem where if desktop was the active window the most urgent table wasnt being brought to front in Urgent Cycling mode.
    - Improved urgent cycling reliability when clicking bet buttons with the mouse.

    - Fixed WPN bet sizing hotkeys not firing correctly back to back (broken in
    - Added an advanced diagnostics window.
    - Heavily improved the performance of the mouse wheel when a custom size is used.
    - Fixed an issue where 888 tables were coming in maximized and sized incorrectly.
    - Added a slight delay to WPN tables to help them get placed properly.

    - Sorry no $$/BB conversion is happening for Ignition yet. The help I found didn't work out so the search begins again.

    - New Features:
    - Multi-Stack is now available! This has been merged with Single Stack and now all slots can stack in Multi-Stack Mode!
    - Custom Mouse wheel increments are now possible! Sites supported (beta): Stars,888/WSOP,Chico,Ignition,Party, iPoker. 
        *Add value (Size) and type (BB/SB) to Increase/Decrease bet to get started. Leave these blank to revert back to default mouse wheel.
    - Added "Pause all Hotkeys" in the Table Hotkeys tab. This will toggle all hotkeys on or off without needing to use the "Pause" button at the bottom.
    - Added a "Click off Urgent Table pauses cycling" option to allow users to take notes easily while in Urgent Table Cycling mode. 
        Note: this cannot be used with Left Click drag and drop (but can work with titlebar dragging).
    - Added a gentle "Blinking" option to Active Table border.
    - Added an "Ignore Slots" option to the main interface. These slots won't be automatically filled.
    - Renamed "Display Count" to "Session Stats" made it resizable and added a session timer as well as total tables played.

    - New Sites Added:
    - Simple table placement support added for Global Poker (Beta). Use with Firefox or Chrome and new felt or old felt. Pro-Mode must be enabled. Please review the Site Setup page for Global Poker.
    - Full support for CoinPoker has been added (Beta)

    - GGPoker Changes:
    - Stacking and table urgency has been added to GGpoker (**Beta/untested**). 
    - All-In hotkey now possible to be used through IntuitiveTables. Please review the Site Setup page for GGPoker to see how.
    - The profiles pop-up now will stay always on top.

    - Stars Changes:
    - Added Carbon Aurora theme.
    - Betting hotkeys on aurora improved.

    - Chico Changes:
    - Betting hotkeys reliablilty improved.

    - WPN Changes:
    - Tables that take a while to load won't stall normal usage now.
    - Mouse wheel speed improved.

    - iPoker Changes:
    - Added Stacking support.
    - Added set bet size hotkeys (BETA).
    - Added advanced action hotkey support.

    - Party Changes:
    - Bet sizing hotkeys are now available! Make sure to enable Party by clicking on Set Bet Size in the Betting Hotkeys tab and checking on "Party".
    - Table urgency and sitting out detection has been improved in many situations.
    - End of hand detection has been fixed for Stack and Tile.
    - Added CZE support (Czech Republic).
    - Added bwin.be support.
    - Mouse wheel has been fixed for SNG.

    - Ignition Changes:
    - Auto-Timebank now can click the timebank without activating the table.
    - Added activation to the table when using a set bet size hotkey so you will not have to click the table first to set a bet size.
    - All notifications on Ignition (sitting out on zone/table close warning) are treated using the Sitting out Detection location.
    - Betting hotkeys reliablilty improved.
    - Hotkeys will now work even when the sidebar is open.

    - 888 Changes:
    - Set bet size hotkeys now work on 888.com. Make sure button 3 in the client is set to "Pot".
    - Many improvements made to 888.com for table urgency, sitting out detection. and popup handling.
    - Mouse wheel fixed as well as some problems with advanced action buttons.
    - Added height adjustments to 888.com so tables dont fall off the bottom edge of the screen.
    - Lobby hotkey now works for 888.com.

    - Winamax Changes:
    - sorting by BB now works again.

    - IntuitiveTables Changes:
    - The WatchGrid is now fully stackable. When the WatchGrid is full the tables will fill the beginning slots again instead of going to the overflow.
    - The Cycle Stacked Tables hotkey will now cycle any individual stack including WatchGrid stacks. This will be Stack under mouse or active Stack depending on your hotkey target setting.
    - Sitting out/Notification settings moved back to settings because now they apply to all layouts.
    - Sat Out/Notification tables now properly go to their designated locations at all times. Removed "Stack" as an option and added "Urgent Queue" as the default.
    - Move Tables Delay has been updated and is functioning for WPN/Party but only if you have Stacking/Auto-Replace/IntuitiveMode all OFF.
    - Ignored tables will no longer be scanned so borders/sound/sitout detection won't work on them. You now can use the Ignore Table hotkey on your sat out tables so they don't stay urgent!
    - Added a Delay after hotkey press for Urgent Table Cyclers so that the same hotkey won't accidentally fire on the next urgent table.
    - Added Increase/Decrease bet size to the New Action list in betting hotkeys tab. You may create multiple hotkeys for increase/decrease bet now!
    - Title Bar dragging and drop is now an option and defaulted to on.
    - Left-Click detection of the main action buttons has been added to speed up urgent table cycling.

    - Bug Fixes:
    - Betting hotkeys now get queued instead of blocked when used in short succession. This will allow for smoother/faster betting hotkeys.
    - Urgent tables now won't steal focus from non-poker table windows during Urgent Table Cycling.
    - Activate Next/Previous Urgent table now goes in perfect order of Most -> Least urgent and cycles all tables if no urgent tables are found.
    - Unlock table and Unlock all buttons work again for Ignored tables.
    - Addressed a bug where active table borders were sometimes staying on top of other windows.
    - Only one table border will show at a time. If it is urgent and active only the active table border will show.
    - The Active Table Border no longer flashes during a drag and drop.
    - Fixed a bug where it was hard to click and activate tables sometimes.
    - Fixed a bug where resetting all templates with stacking on didnt choose a starting template.
    - GGPoker Chat window is no longer mistaken as a poker table.
    - Fixed a bug where Min/Max all lobbies wasnt maximizing the Ignition lobby if it was alone.
    - Tournament Info window no longer treated as a table on Ignition.